Thursday, July 25, 2013

But Wait! There's More!

Some vaguely chill music.

A video of the train derailment in Spain that claimed eighty lives.

I think it's more likely that Phoenix Sinclair's death was caused by torture and neglect:

Manitoba aboriginal leaders say the death of a five-year-old girl at the hands of her guardians was the result of centuries of colonialism in Canada.

Jay Funke, lawyer representing the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and the Southern Chiefs Organization, told an inquiry looking into the death of Phoenix Sinclair that the child-welfare practice of seizing native children is seen by many aboriginals as an extension of the residential school system.

"First Nation leaders maintain that these separation practices have also contributed to the grim socio-economic reality confronting many First Nation families and children throughout Manitoba," Funke told Commissioner Ted Hughes during closing submissions Wednesday.

"This reality includes deep and protracted poverty, disproportionate rates of incarceration and criminal lifestyles, substance abuse, mental health challenges, infant and early mortality and — all too frequently — tragic deaths."

First Nations make up just under 15 per cent of the Manitoba population, but 85 per cent of the 9,700 children in care are aboriginal.

But hey! Play the race card! It's a great way to avoid responsibility and honesty!

Go to hell, aboriginal leaders.

Kathleen Wynne can't come up with the cash because she spent it all on cancelling gas plants:

Canada's provincial and territorial leaders vowed Thursday to fight Ottawa's controversial plan to fund jobs training for workers, saying the new scheme would require them to come up with more than half a billion dollars in extra cash.

There's concern across the board over the Canada Job Grant, said Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, who is hosting the Council of the Federation meeting.

"There really was a very strong feeling that the program as it exists won't work," she said.

The Harper government wants to divert some of the money it gives to the provinces and territories to the new program, which would provide a grant of $15,000 per worker. The provinces and territories, as well as the employers, would each kick in $5,000.

But the premiers are worried that it won't give them enough flexibility to direct the money where it's needed most and could jeopardize existing provincially run programs. Small businesses aren't interested in taking part in this program either, Wynne said.

The provinces and territories, who have jurisdiction for skills training and labour market programs, would have to find more than $600 million to maintain their current programs as well as match the cost of the Canada Job Grant, they said in a joint statement Thursday.

"Premiers reiterated that federal funding agreements or initiatives such as the proposed Canada Job Grant must allow jurisdictions to opt out, with full compensation," it said.

Joni Mitchell doesn't understand her hometown or the American South it seems:

“I feel like they shot themselves in the foot … Saskatoon has always been an extremely bigoted community. It’s like the Deep South, and the museum was one thing I thought would be beneficial for people,” she said, later adding that it seems like people just want to be associated with her name, not her work and beliefs.
Did she personally witness bigotry in the warm climes where Saskatchewan cotton blooms grow?

Oh wait...

Oh wait again....

From the hostess with the mostest:

Salon put this out, hence the pointed language. It basically says that people who want as little government in their lives as possible and are not hung up on people enjoying Christmas are happier:

The results: “On the general level, greater generalized authoritarianism was clearly related to greater subjective well-being,” the researchers write. “The association suggests that generalized authoritarianism may be ‘good’ for the self.”

Oh, Salon, you're just miserable buggers. Who do you want take care of you?

See, militant atheism IS a cult:

The “atheist church service” launched in London this year has expanded across the Atlantic.
The Sunday Assembly, founded by comedians Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans, has set up a monthly event in New York, with outposts to follow soon in Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle.

Some 600 non-believers have gathered at York Hall, Bethnal Green, since January to listen to inspirational talks, sing songs accompanied by a live band, make friends and volunteer for good causes. Meetings are about to move from monthly to fortnightly.

That sounds like the United Church and just as useless. I wouldn't even go so far as to suggest reason was the thing they excelled at. To fill the social and spiritual hole in their lives, these guys went to... "church". Okay....

And now, dog and fawn. Enjoy.

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