Sunday, August 17, 2014

Did He Ask For the "Root Causes"?


Too soon?

A home invasion or burglary is terrible. Not only are one's possessions taken (or, in the case of home invasion, bodily harm is done), one never feels safe in the one place where one should feel safe.

No one was physically hurt during this crime (though a threatening note was left) and nothing was taken.

Mr. Trudeau and his family are, however, "extremely troubled" by this incident.

As well they should be.

Many people who aren't Justin Trudeau are "extremely troubled" by the leader of the official opposition talking about "root causes" in a bombing that saw the deaths of three people and the grave injuries of two hundred and sixty-four people.

If the man who hopes to be the leader of the greatest country on Earth (a nation that would cease being great if he ever got in) cannot bring himself to be viscerally angry at this atrocity and indifferent to its "root causes", then what good is he as the representative of all that is good and fine about Canada? It's terrorism. It's bad, period. Does the blowing apart of an eight year old boy cease being bad because the terrorist had hurt feeewwwings?

People who aren't Justin Trudeau are "extremely troubled" by his refusal to call cultural practices "barbaric" and his attendance of a mosque linked to terrorism. Girls who have undergone FGM (sometimes with clean razors) can't imagine a word strong enough to call what they have undergone and the attendance of a mosque linked to al Qaeda is just bad optics to say the least.

People are also "extremely troubled" by the "basic admiration" of a totalitarian state that not only represses its own people but others as well.

Perhaps it's easy to kick Trudeau now that he is semi-down but the people to whom he shows indifference are down all the time.

I hope this jolt of reality gives him some sense of empathy. I really do. No one cares about "root causes" when mad theocratic thugs mutilate them or admires dictatorships that run them into the ground. Likewise, no one wants a leader who doesn't understand the world they live in.

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