Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Mid-Week Post

For your quick edification...

The Dutch prime minister has stopped the investigation of downed flight Malaysian Airlines 17:

The Netherlands' prime minister has halted the search for remains of victims of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 disaster in Ukraine, saying it is too dangerous to continue.

At a news conference in The Hague Wednesday, Mark Rutte praised the effort of the international recovery mission so far, and promised victims' families the search will resume in the future when Ukraine is "more stable."

"We're stopping now, but we won't stop," he said.

Flight 17 was shot down in eastern Ukraine on July 17, killing all 298 people on board. In all, 228 coffins with remains have been returned to the Netherlands, but it is not known how many victims that number represents.
Isn't Putin desperate to clear his name?

No. This is a bad idea:

Ontario is promising to provide medical treatment to children injured in the latest Israeli-Palestinian fighting amid pleas for help from the public and well-known humanitarians.

The province is willing to take the most serious cases from both Gaza and Israel if the children are unable to receive proper treatment at home but can make the journey to Canada, Health Minister Dr. Eric Hoskins said Tuesday.
Israel has hospitals and a very healthy hatred of antisemitism and thuggery. It is also closer. Leaving these victims of Hamas in the Middle East will address their more immediate problems and not add to our own.

Kathleen Wynne hates people (see above).

Former Alberta Premier Alison Redford ends her political career in disgrace:

Alison Redford is calling it quits.

In an op-ed published in the Calgary Herald and the Edmonton Journal, the embattled former Alberta premier says that she's resigning as a member of her province's legislative assembly.

Yeah, that's why a Thai woman is looking after their kid:

The agent who brokered a surrogacy deal for an Australian couple at the center of a scandal that left a Thai mother caring for a baby with Down syndrome said on Wednesday the couple had offered to take the boy home with them along with his twin sister.

So, what is Obama getting out of this? It's not like he cares about black people or anything and Africa is an event horizon of militarism, violence and disease (sorry, Africa, but it's true):

President Obama spends Wednesday with delegates to the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, discussing investment, security, and governance.

Obama ends an all-day series of meetings with a news conference that caps the three-day summit of African heads of state.

The president begins the day with remarks at a summit session devoted to "Investing in Africa's Future," says the White House schedule.

Isn't he supposed to provide jobs for Americans or something?

And now, just in time for Shark Week:

These amazing pictures shows a two-tonne whale shark being driven through a town in China strapped to a fisherman’s truck. It is a wonder Cai Chengzhu can see where he is going as the giant 4.5m creature’s tail blocks his view of the road, and its head hangs off the back. No doubt surprised by his mega catch, the fishing captain tied the fish down with a sturdy rope and headed for market – apparently unaware it was an endangered and protected animal.”

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