Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Shut Up, Justin

The King of a Thousand Gaffes never fails to disappoint in that department.

When Justin Trudeau (the Liberal Party's JFK Jr.) is not removing all doubt of his incompetence, he is attacking his chief rival, PM Stephen Harper, by casting aspersions that don't hold up to scrutiny.

Trudeau's most recent blunder concerns the arrest of two Canadian citizens in China. Kevin and Julia Garratt ran a coffee shop near the Chinese-North Korean border. It is possible that they are offering help to North Korean escapees and that this is known to Chinese authorities who forcibly repatriate any North Korean they find. It is more than likely that the arrest of the Garratts is because of Canadian accusations of espionage.

While Canadian embassy officials are meeting with the Garratts, Justin's idea of being proactive is not demanding the release of the Garratts or meeting with their family or even being critical of China's communist regime.

Oh no.

He has saved his choicest criticisms for the allegedly lacklastre consular department and, of course, Harper:

That's right.

It's not China's fault that the Garratts ave been arrested. It's Stephen Harper's.


- Justin Trudeau admitted to admiring China's "basic dictatorship":

But the question at hand, sir, which country's government does the Liberal Party's candidate for prime minister in 2015 most admire?

Trudeau's answer: "You know, there's a level of of admiration I actually have for China ..."
- the same China that does the following:

Kills its female babies
Forcibly repatriates North Koreans (but not if they can't find the North Korean bought as sex slaves)

Pollutes its environment
One must wonder if Justin Trudeau has suffered a brain injury or if his handlers have.

To wit:

 Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said Tuesday that "the current back and forth (between China and Canada) is an indication that the Harper government doesn't have a good particular relationship with China - or anyone around the world at the moment."

That's right. Let's have good relations with a communist dictatorship.

You know it's bad when the NDP is the voice of reason:

Helene Laverdiere, NDP foreign affairs critic, said Trudeau's comments are "a little simplistic," however, she also noted that the Conservatives' foreign policy towards China is inconsistent.

I don't see trade sanctions against China coming soon, so, yes, there is an inconsistency.

What is truly disturbing is the moral and intellectual disconnect not of the moronic Fils but those who think he would make a stellar leader.

God help us all.

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