Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Mid-Week Post

The last mid-week post of the year...


One would hope that the aspirations for a prosperous and peaceful 2015 may convince one that however socially and mentally devolved the human race is, there is still hope and not in Luke Skywalker form (do enjoy all three Star Wars movies this holiday).

For Russia and China, one hopes for a change in leadership. The tyranny under which the Chinese labour and the Russians die has gone on long enough.

Won't count on it, though.

One hopes that North Koreans break away from their porcine leader, a man as portly as he is mad. This means a radical shift in the fortunes on the Korean Peninsula. Whether a humanitarian crisis or a military one breaks out initially, this global agony can no longer continue.

I want ISIS dead. All of them. I don't even care who does it and how- the Americans, the Iranians, the Vulcans, whoever. These child-raping, church-destroying murderers have no place on this Earth.

Step it up, super-powers.

I hope the post-modern West wakes the hell up and realises that being suicidal idiots is no way to coast through life. Islamism really is a death cult, race cards have no place in the deck and celebrities just don't matter a damn. Stop focusing on these jackholes and what they think is important. There is no reason why any Kardashian is more important than a guy who studies the Higgs-Boson particles.

One hopes that Canada stays on track. We matter now. Don't let Justin Trudeau screw that up.

Americans, you still have time to send Obama to prison. You probably won't but one urges you to re-think this error. He's an @$$hole. Do something for you and can this bugger.

The vanity of people taking selfies. I want it to end. If you see someone taking these self-photos, particularly in inappropriate places or situations, bean them in the head with something, maybe a sack of rotten potatoes or something.

One also wishes for a renewed interest in English grammar and spelling. "Their house is over there but as for the residents, they're not home." Learn the g-d- difference. Also, if you are using capital letters for objects and not proper nouns, you should just stop talking and writing. Your is a possessive adjective. You're is an abbreviated form of you are. Don't get me started on it's and its.

Resolutions are more effective not during times of plenty or desperation but during times of self-reflection and new direction. You won't lose that twenty pounds of Christmas weight in the next week, is my point.

A merry Auld Lang Syne to all y'all.

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