Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday Post

Slowly waving good-bye to the old year...

Only a few days after it went missing, Air Asia flight QZ8501 has been found with no survivors:

Indonesian rescuers searching for an AirAsia plane carrying 162 people pulled bodies and wreckage from the sea off the coast of Borneo on Tuesday, prompting relatives of those on board watching TV footage to break down in tears.

Alexei Navalny, a staunch adversary of Vladimir Putin, and his brother have been sentenced to prison:

President Vladimir Putin's chief political foe was convicted along with his brother on Tuesday in a fraud case widely seen as a vendetta by the Kremlin, triggering one of Russia's boldest anti-government demonstrations in years.

Police allowed a few thousand protesters to gather just outside Red Square for about two hours — a show of relative restraint for Russian authorities, who have little tolerance for dissent — before moving in to break up the unsanctioned rally by pushing the demonstrators toward subway entrances.

(Sidebar: note the word "allowed".)

Who can replace Putin? Is there a big enough push to oust him?

Maybe the new year will see.

Getty Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton. New evidence emerging in the Sony Pictures cyberattack suggests that the hackers may have been far closer to home than North Korea. 

News broke Sunday that a security firm working with the FBI has come up with a list of six people who may have been closely involved with the hack. One of the individuals investigated by the firm also happens to be a disgruntled former Sony employee.

Speaking of North Korea:

Malaysia has defended the use of North Korean labourers in its mining industry, saying they are particularly good workers because of their dedication, strength and bravery.

I'm sure North Korean slaves migrant workers are.


Where are the First World problem people when you need them?

So, if I understand this correctly, if one does not see eye-to-eye on the labels people apply to themselves, that is a form of genocide, not like the Cambodian killing fields or anything?

Way to trivialise murder, jackhole.


The al-Khansa brigade, the female religious police in Raqqa, the insurgency's de facto capital in Syria, is said to use the bear trap-like device to punish women who defy their strict laws.

Opposition media group Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently claim that in one case it was used on a 24-year-old woman who was arrested while breastfeeding her baby in the city centre.
Where are those silly white chicks- you know, the ones who are clearly the only mothers to have ever existed in human history which is why they let it all hang out while feeding their snowflakes from the teat- on this? Is there a nurse-in planned?

(Paws up)

And now, some cute animals because cute animals.

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