Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Mid-Week Post

Stuck in the middle...

Jordan has executed two Iraqi terrorists in retaliation for the immolation of Jordanian pilot, Mouath al-Kasaesbeh:

Jordan's King Abdullah vowed a "relentless" war against Islamic State on their own territory on Wednesday in response to a video published by the hard-line group showing a captured Jordanian air force pilot being burned alive in a cage.

Jordan hanged two Iraqi jihadists, one a woman, on Wednesday and vowed to intensify military action against Islamic State.

"We are waging this war to protect our faith, our values and human principles and our war for their sake will be relentless and will hit them in their own ground," state television quoted the king as saying during a security meeting.
First point: ISIS are a pack of child-raping thieving murderers who kill off native populations not because they drew cartoons of a seventh-century child-raping war-monger or bombed Muslims before other Muslims could but because:

The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom ...

Secondly, these thugs are not fighting for Iraq and Syria as their homelands because they are not citizens or residents of those countries. They are liars, poseurs and possibly metrosexual losers who stylise their violence.

Like this douchebag.

Thirdly, Sajida al-Rishawi was to be executed anyway. She is no loss to anyone, ISIS or not, and will have no bearing on ISIS' penchant for child-raping, woman-hating or wilful murder.

Fourthly, it is likely that Mouath al-Kasaebeh was tortured and murdered long before ISIS demanded $200 million as a ransom.

As I said before: thieving.

Finally, any cowardice on the part of the West is as excusable as wearing a bathing costume at a funeral. How many lines in the sand are there going to be? I have no doubt Obama doesn't wish to see the defeat of ISIS but what about the rest of the Western world?

(Sidebar: "... not the act of a winner"? Like the twit who made that comment?)

It's time for ISIS to be eradicated like the viruses liberals refuse to vaccinate their children against.

Moving on...

It's not like Trudeau knows who the middle-class is or cares:

But when it comes to politics, Beach describes the term "middle class" as a convenient phrase politicians can sculpt any way they like to relate to a large segment of the population, particularly since surveys have shown most Canadians consider themselves part of this group without quite defining what it is.

Politicians have recently offered clues on who they believe fits into the middle class, to varying degrees of detail.

Federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver suggested recently that families with kids that have pre-tax, annual incomes of about $120,000 were part of the middle class.

The Opposition New Democrats' definition focuses on the middle 60 per cent of income earners, while the Liberals describe the segment as the largest group of Canadians whose earnings allow for things like decent housing, education and retirement.

To be fair, I'm sure all parties would like to screw the middle-class even a little.


Dozens of NDP MPs -- including party leader Thomas Mulcair -- are being told they have to cough up $2.75 million out of their own pockets to reimburse taxpayers for what Conservative and Liberal MPs say were illegitimate expenses.

This is because the revenue that monopoly or government-owned alcohol stores must not go challenged:

Premier Kathleen Wynne says Ontario will not allow beer sales in corner stores when the government changes the rules on the retailing of alcohol this spring.

Wynne says changes are coming to the way beer, wine and spirits are sold once a review is completed of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario and its relationship with the Beer Store and wine retailers.

When pressed today for details, the premier flatly dismissed the idea of beer sales in convenience stores, something the previous Liberal government of David Peterson promised in the late 1980s but never delivered.

Is this the same country that promised to "transmit" to the big man on top Obama's "flexibility" after the election?

Amidst the campaign by the West to portray Russia as the villain, stoking tensions in Ukraine and elsewhere, former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev has hit out at the U.S. for pushing Russia into a new Cold War. He also expressed the fear that the current chill in relations between the two can trigger an armed conflict.

Михаил, куда - любовь?

Unbelievably, a child is pulled from this wreckage:

In the video of the rescue, emergency workers are seen gently pulling the young child onto one of the inflatable boats crowding the partially submerged fuselage.


Three holidaymakers from France have been deported and banned from Cambodia after they were caught taking naked pictures of each other at one of the largest religious sites in the world.

The Frenchmen posed in the buff at a Buddhist temple within the sprawling Angkor complex for a series of cheeky snaps that angered and offended authorities.


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