Thursday, February 19, 2015

Why Japan Is Awesome

Utagawa Kunisada: Ninja and Prince Genji - Artelino
Is this a ninja about to attack Prince Genji or is it Kanye West going after Beck?

Ninja Day. Ninja Day, people!

Why 2/22? It's a word play, because in Japanese the number two is "ni." You know, kind of like the "ni" in "ninja" (忍者), but with "nin" or 忍 referring to endurance, patience or restraint. ...

The cities of Iga and Koka have been spearheading the holiday—and for good reason. Iga in Mie Prefecture is historically a ninja stronghold as is Koka in Shiga Prefecture. Obviously, this is a push to promote the region, and Japan has lots of these kind of days. This one, however, is the best.

(Sidebar: I'll say!)

You're welcome, world.

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