Monday, February 09, 2015

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A lesser-known MP has defected to the Liberal party:

Well-connected Toronto-area Conservative MP Eve Adams crossed the floor to sit with the Liberals.

And her surprise defection had the full support of her fiance, former top Conservative operative Dimitri Soudas — long considered one of Stephen Harper's fiercest loyalists and an architect of the Tories' re-election strategy for 2015.

Within hours, Soudas made it clear he's prepared to use his inside knowledge of the Conservatives against them.

Calling it now: when there are big losses, this defection will seem like a really bad idea.

In other news, Ontario Liberal voters are not swayed by corruption:

Police believe two Liberal operatives, including one of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s top aides, broke the law by offering a former candidate a government job in exchange for dropping out of the Sudbury by-election race. ...

Despite the scandal, the Liberals pulled off a win. Liberal Glenn Thibeault, who defected from the federal New Democrats to run for the provincial Liberals, beat out NDP candidate Suzanne Shawbonquit by over 1,000 votes.


Nine unelected, unaccountable people have made it possible for doctors to euthanise anyone without elected MPs having to get their hands dirty by debating and deciding a euthanasia law:

The unanimous ruling, by establishing that the “sanctity of life” also includes the “passage into death,” extends constitutional rights into a new realm. The courts have used the 1982 Charter of Rights to establish gay marriage and to strike down a federal abortion law. The new ruling will change the way some Canadians are permitted to die.

(Sidebar: how does the sanctity of life enter into the putting down of people as one would a dog?)

Putting aside the one upmanship of painful death anecdotes, are Canadians happy that an unaccountable body has allowed medical staff to take the lives of even those who wish to die naturally?

Look no further than the Netherlands and Belgium to see where this is heading.

It's time to elect our judges and get rid of the stupid, rotten Charter.

It's likely that the Islamist-in-Chief will not aid Ukraine (he has made his feelings on European security and Russian appeasement quite clear) but should Canada?

Canada should be open to selling defensive weapons to Ukraine, and so should a few other Western countries. Up to a point, the armed forces of Ukraine, a pre-existing military organization, have some advantages over the pro-Russian militant rebels that sprang up only in the past year or so. But Russia is clearly supplying the rebels with weapons, often heavy, advanced equipment, so that in many respects Ukraine is at a severe disadvantage.

A word on now-disgraced NBC news reporter, Brian Williams:

Perhaps Brian Williams did misspeak about being shot at in Iraq or perhaps seeing a dead body float by in knee-high water but unless you've been chased by a dinosaur or fought ninjas with a light sabre, you don't know what fear is.

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