Tuesday, February 17, 2015

There's Even More

There usually is...

It's worth every penny if by "degraded" one means completely obliterated:

Canada's military mission in Iraq has so far cost $122 million, according to estimates Defence Minister Jason Kenney says he will table in Parliament this week.

The incremental costs are "entirely reasonable" for a mission that's "having a meaningful impact against this genocidal terrorist organization, the so-called 'Islamic State,'" Kenney said in a statement Monday.

"We just saw this savage organization behead 21 people for the crime of being Christian in Libya this week, [and] burn a Jordanian air force pilot alive last week," he said.

What he said.

Remember- he would not call mutilating women "barbaric" and has an "admiration" for the communist country that either forcibly repatriates North Koreans or abuses their women:

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is taking issue with Stephen Harper's rationale for the decision to defend a federal ban on the wearing of face coverings at citizenship ceremonies.

Earlier this month, a Federal Court judge ruled that a portion of the law requiring would-be citizens to remove their face coverings while taking the oath of citizenship was unlawful.

Asked about the ruling last week, the prime minister denounced the court decision, saying most Canadians consider it offensive for someone to conceal their identity at the moment they are becoming a citizen.

A thumb in the eye of the popular culture, an encouragement of misogyny and concealing one's identity (in a non-Batman context) are not values that belong in Canada and if Justin Trudeau or his family could stop kissing communist @$$ for five seconds and see that, he might just appeal to the average Canadian who is losing patience with political multiculturalism.

Credibility gone.

Will the Chinese signs also be in French?

The City of Richmond said it's trying to facilitate community harmony over a debate that's raged on for years — the uproar over signs some residents say use too little English.

"We've got an ongoing education program specifically reaching out to businesses to let them know the city's preference which is that signs should be at least 50 per cent in English," said spokesperson Ted Townsend.

Whither the love?

In her first day back at Queen's Park, Premier Kathleen Wynne was met with a hostile Opposition in the Legislature and an equally hostile demonstration outside it.

The Legislature resumed after the Liberals won a controversial byelection in Sudbury earlier this month. The party swapped its previous Liberal candidate to former federal NDP MP Glenn Thibeault before the election.

The opposition Progressive Conservatives welcomed the new MPP in question period, but then followed that with accusations of foul play — saying Wynne's deputy chief of staff "bribed" the former Liberal candidate. The comment was formally withdrawn.

The Ontario NDP did not even welcome the new MPP from Sudbury.

Can't keep these guys down.


Defectors face a harsh reality. They are often paid lower wages than South Koreans in the same jobs and in many cases not on time. In the latest survey, 25 percent of defectors said they were discriminated against.

Unemployment among North Koreans here stands at 6.2 percent, almost double the overall rate of 3.2 percent. And 32 percent of North Korean defectors rely on government support to make ends meet. 

The time has come for South Korean society to throw away its bias against defectors and come up with genuine opportunities for them. The government must bolster actions to help defectors learn new skills, offer them a wider range of work training programs and put a system in place to help them find a stable job.

A merry Seolnal to all y'all. Too bad it falls on Ash Wednesday this year.

Though Saint Valentine's Day is over (it comes but once a year), these animals with hearts on them will guide us to love soft, furry creatures as we ought.

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