Thursday, July 30, 2015

But Wait! There's More!

There often is....

The Liberals have once again accused Stephen Harper of not being co-operative, this time, by not helping them with an unworkable pension plan:

Ontario's Liberals waded into the looming federal election Thursday, accusing Prime Minister Stephen Harper of abandoning workers in the province by refusing to co-operate on a new provincial pension plan.

Ottawa has warned the province it will not make any legislative changes to treat the proposed Ontario Retirement Pension Plan like the Canada Pension Plan, and would provide no federal help to collect contributions or administer the scheme.

"This is a cynical, partisan stunt, executed on the eve of a federal election campaign," said Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa. "He's slapping the face of Ontarians by taking the actions that he's doing today, and that's uncalled for."

Two-thirds of Ontario workers do not have a workplace pension, and Harper knows that CPP payments averaging $6,900 a year will not provide adequate retirement income, added Sousa. However, Harper will get a pension of $191,000 a year when he leaves office, he said.

Let's put this in some sort of perspective.

The Liberal government under Premiers Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne has cost the province 300,000 manufacturing jobs over the past fifteen years. Ontario has received a downgraded credit rating from Standard and Poors. Even after promising bigger salaries, Wynne said flat-out after winning the election that there would be no new pay raises. She didn't feel that way giving out a seven million dollar bonus package for executives organising the Pan Am GamesFormer Premier Dalton McGuinty a $300,000 severance payment after his resignation and Kathleen Wynne will likely be getting something similar.

Who is getting screwed again?

Even though many Canadians desperately need life-saving cancer drugs, the government of Canada has seen fit to approve the abortion drug RU-486 even though it has caused fourteen deaths in the US.

Also: Planned Parenthood was caught haggling for baby parts... again:

Workers in a lab are seen sorting through body parts on a dish: a heart, stomach, kidney, and legs.

And then a medical assistant suddenly announces: "It's another boy!"

This comes after a court in California issued a restraining order against a video depicting Stem Express employees purchasing body parts. One can see at the 34 second mark, the 1:10 mark and the 10:16 mark exactly what is going on.

A Canadian abortion group has also asked women to donate their genetically separate "blobs of flesh" with functioning limbs and lucrative internal organs to "science".

Screw these people.

A former ISIS fighter talks about why he left:

A former Islamic State militant recently spoke with NBC news about his experience fighting with the group in Syria — and why he surrendered after just three days on the frontlines. 

The man, a 24-year-old single father and college dropout who traveled from New York back to his native Turkey, told NBC what has become a familiar story. Socially isolated and lacking meaning in his life, he was seduced by the jihadis' promise of a salary, a house, and a wife.

"My life was hard and nobody liked me," the man, who insisted on anonymity, said while crying. "I didn't have many friends. I was on the internet a lot and playing games."

This is a common profile among those recruited by the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, who are often young men (and women) seeking purpose and identity. They are drawn to ISIS' promise of community, along with the glory of potential martyrdom. ISIS' inclusive rhetoric, combined with its social-media prowess, has allowed the group to recruit more foreigners to its ranks than any other modern jihadist group.

Firsthand accounts of the militants' brutality from those who have fought with ISIS, such as the one given by the Turkish-American recruit, are still relatively rare, even though an estimated 20,000 foreign fighters have joined the group.

"They told us, 'When you capture someone, you will behead them,'" he said. "But as for me, I have never even beheaded a chicken … It is not easy … I can't do that."

He said he was also instructed to throw homosexuals off of tall buildings and kill female adulterers. He said he decided to leave ISIS after an airstrike killed six of his fellow fighters in the Syrian border town of Tal Abyad.

"I got scared because in my whole life I hadn't seen anything like this," he told NBC. "And since I was scared, I threw my pistol away and my legs couldn't hold me."

I would like to talk about why I don't care and why I hope he spends whatever remains of his sad, little life in some terrible place.

The post-modern West has done a terrific job of removing any moral centre it should have. Suddenly, morality becomes a matter of what is right at the moment and no absolute principle or being gives value and meaning to one's life and actions. One finds one's self in a world where feelings replace moral codes and laws and where manufactured crusades take precedence over real problems that require fortitude, both ethical and physical, to overcome.

Take this guy.

He first elicits sympathy for his terrible decision by saying that his life had taken a horrible turn. The writer of the article doesn't even dispute that as a convenient reason. Fully grown men were simply unwitting victims of life and an ideology no one will acknowledge is part of the problem in the first place. THAT is why he went overseas to join fellow Islamists in running native populations out of their homes, crucifying Christians, raping women and children, destroying artefacts and burning alive fighter pilots.

Excuse me if I find this less than convincing.

This chump isn't a victim of circumstance. He was a willing participant in evil. If he were truly repentant, he wouldn't find excuses for his actions but accept fault and, as is pointed out, that his only way out is death.

Well, he who dies by the sword, as they say....

The Japanese have proven that the Death Star will be quite operational a powerful laser can be fired:

Researchers at Osaka University in Japan claim to have fired the world’s most powerful laser, prompting comparisons to the planet-destroying Death Star laser in Star Wars.

While the powerful laser beam only lasted for a trillionth of a second, it’s power was measured as 2 petawatts or 2 quadrillion watts.

To put that into context, Popular Science explains that in 2013, a drone was shot down from 2km away using a laser with just 50kilowatts (50,000 watts) of power. Until now, the most powerful laser was a 1-petawatt device at the University of Austin in Texas.

The device that created the ‘Death Star’-like beam - the Laser for Fast Ignition Experiments (LFEX) - is just over 90m long and takes up an entire room, making it unlikely that we’ll see it mounted on a vehicle or other mobile structure any time soon.

(Sidebar: d'oh.) 

I so want this to be a reality.

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