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Who can claim the Child Tax Benefit:

Families with net incomes below $24,183 will get the maximum CCTB - including the full NCBS and the supplement for the third and each additional child - of:

        $290.41 per month ($3,485 per year) for the first child,
        $270.00 per month ($3,240 per year) for the second child, and
        $270.00 per month ($3,244 per year) for all other children in the family, along with any supplement for children under 7 that is applicable.

Families with net incomes between $24,183 and $41,544 will get the maximum basic CTB, the supplement for the third and each additional child, and a partial NCBS, along with any supplement for children under 7 that is applicable. Families with four or more children will also be entitled to a partial NCBS if their income is just above $41,544.

One and two-child families with net incomes between $41,544 and approximately $109,894 will receive partial benefits. Larger families may also be entitled to a partial CCTB if their income is above $109,894.

The annual Children’s Special Allowances amount will increase from $3,485. The monthly amount per child will increase from $290.41 in July 2011.  ….

Families that had net income below $24,183 in 2011 qualify for the maximum base benefit of the CCTB and maximum NCB Supplement.

Families that had net incomes between $24,183 and $41,544 in 2011 qualify for the maximum base benefit of the CCTB and part of the NCB Supplement.

Families that had net incomes above $41,544 in 2011 qualify for a part of the base benefit of the CCTB.
Making Justin Trudeau's comment here:

Justin Trudeau is putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to the Conservative government's newly enhanced universal child care benefit.

The Liberal leader maintains it's wrong to give the benefit to wealthy families that don't need help raising their kids. And to underscore that point, he's going to give his own family's windfall to charity.

(SidebarPro-abortion Justin Trudeau's admiration for the "basic dictatorship" of baby-killing China and his taking money from schools and charities can't be blotted out with that stunt. Nice try, Shiny Pony.)

... stupid.

How can a family with an annual salary of forty thousand dollars be considered high-rollers? How many wealthy families does Justin Trudeau think exist in Canada?

Justin Trudeau doesn't make clear how his tax credit for families will work but one can't expect a trustifarian to go into those sorts of details. That's what Dad's accountants were for.

I would suggest that Elizabeth May was excluded from the August 6th debates because not only is her party's representation miniscule, she is also a crazy drunk:

May has been shut out of TVA’s French-language debate and events being put on by the non-profit Munk Foundation and the Globe and Mail. The Globe said in a statement that it only invited to its debate leaders of parties “that have official status in the House of Commons” — by definition, parties with at least 12 sitting MPs.

Charles Krauthammer's take on the Iran deal:

Oh, Planned Parenthood! Will you ever learn?

A second video allegedly showing a senior Planned Parenthood official negotiating for fetal tissue and fetal parts for profit has been released.

In the video, released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), Dr. Mary Gatter, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s for-profit Medical Directors’ Council, is seen haggling over prices of fetal parts. 

When Gatter initially asked for $75 per part, the undercover investigators countered with $100 -- which Gatter readily accepted. These negotiations came after Gatter said she didn't want to make an opening offer because "in negotiations, the person who throws out the first figure is at a loss, right?"

"I don't want to lowball," she said moments later. Towards the end of the video, Gatter jokes that she “wants a Lamborghini.”
 The denial of these recorded events has reached the "no, he's a lone wolf jihadi" level of stupidity. If one wants to see Planned Parenthood take a hit, audit Cecile Richards.

Well, this is strange:

A South Korean government spy was found dead Saturday, in what appeared to be a suicide, alongside a note that seemed to comment on the recent revelation that the spy agency had acquired hacking programs capable of intercepting communications on cellphones and computers, the police said.


The ANSWER Coalition, a well known far-left organization, is inviting Americans to join a “unique opportunity to travel to North Korea.” The group claims that the government-guided trip will show participants that “corporate-owned mainstream media” has “demonized” the country’s dictatorship, and that the United States of America should normalize relations with North Korea as it has done with Cuba.
No, visiting the still-communist North Korea will not change things just as visiting the still-communist Cuba won't change things.

Just impeach this useless piece of crap already:

During an interview on the Daily Show, President Obama insisted that the IRS scandal isn’t real. He blames Republicans for not providing enough money to the federal agency to allow it to do its job.

And now, sometimes translations are done poorly yet hilariously:


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