Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Just Disgusting

I am convinced that there is some sort of contest to see who can be the most revolting, immoral human being imaginable:

Oh, it gets worse:

At no point in the video does Nucatola say Planned Parenthood actually sells body parts, fetal or otherwise, though the center has claimed Planned Parenthood is involved in the "illegal trafficking of aborted fetal parts." Similarly, she does not admit to selling tissue, either personally or through the organization.

What sparked that rely to Cosmopolitan’s Jill Filopovic? Well, she tried to deflect and defend Planned Parenthood’s butchery, exposed by a video released Tuesday

(Sidebar: Newsweek and the rest of the popular press, do yourself a favour and don't help Planned Parenthood deny this. Just don't. Save your skins on this. Either cover this story honestly or don't even mention it but don't cram your foot into your fool yap in an effort to pretend that this isn't happening and if it is happening it's no big deal because 'science'. I'm sure you would go nuts if someone used your cell phones. Imagine having a part of your body lopped in some abandoned factory somewhere and then sold on e-Bay because 'science'.)

What does one do with used 'baby parts''? Sell them for medical research? I cannot think of anything else that is plausible,although Jindal would like us to believe they're being eaten on top of fresh spring greens with a vinaigrette...Since abortions comprise only approximately 3% of the services provided by Planned Parenthood, what are we really talking about here? Looking forward to PP's response, although it is a shame they have to spend their resources defending themselves against defamation by a radical "pro-life" undercover organization.

(Sidebar: this was just ONE out of many ignorant comments that both deny basic biological humanity of "the fetus" while still arguing for the ghoulish harvesting of his or her organs. Some people can't even keep their bullsh-- straight.)

And there is society collapsed under the weight of its own evil.

Yeah, evil.

How low does one have to be to sell human beings, alive or dead, while sipping wine? How wrapped up in a pernicious ideology does one have to be to deny and ultimately excuse it?

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