Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Freakout

Even kittens relax with a beer every now and then.

Behold puppies and music:

Damn you, global warming!

Instagram member docholidayescape took this picture in Orange, New South Wales today. Yes, that’s a kangaroo in the snow, something you don’t see very often, even though it’s winter Down Under. Up to 20cm (almost 8 inches) of snow fell in New South Wales, the most snow in half a century. Parts of Queensland were affected, too.

Why does Australia have weird and/or dangerous things?

Researchers from Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, were looking for the nursing grounds of larval lobsters using a remote ocean explorer when they happened upon four previously-unknown extinct volcanoes. Like the shark-filled volcano Kavachi, these volcanoes are teeming with life—primarily baby fish. The volcanoes, it seems, have become nursing grounds for larval fish swept out to sea from commercial fisheries along the eastern coast of Australia.

Googly eye-bombs are real things, apparently.


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