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But Wait! There's More!

There usually is....

Putting Canada back on the world stage:

Media reports say Canada has not been invited to a meeting of defence ministers in Paris this week to discuss the fight against Islamic State militants.

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan’s office has confirmed to CBC News and the Globe and Mail that he won't attend Wednesday's meeting.

The reports say defence ministers from the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and the Netherlands will take part in the talks.

Sajjan spokesman Renee Filiatrault told the Globe that Canada's plan to pull its CF-18s from the fight against ISIL had nothing to do with Canada's exclusion from the meeting.

(Sidebar: oh, I'm sure it didn't.) 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of mounting a “slow-motion” invasion of Ukraine.

Harper’s latest broadside against the Russian leader came Monday in Ottawa at the start of talks with U.S. Gen. Philip Breedlove, NATO’s supreme commander.

“We are obviously concerned by the continuing escalation of violence in Ukraine, which to me very much appears to be clearly what I would call a slow-motion invasion on the part of the Putin regime,” Harper said as Breedlove nodded his agreement in the prime minister’s Langevin Block office.

How's that for small potatoes?

Granted, it's not Trudeau's puerile joke his parliamentary secretary insists isn't the reason why no one else on the world stage has re-relegated Canada back to the kids' table. It's just a former world leader taking a major super-power's invasion of a former Bloc country seriously instead of cracking some unfunny hockey joke.

But Trudeau was never an adult, let alone a leader. Hell- he's not even the unintentional raconteur of an occasional witticism.

That's why this:

The mother of one of the Canadians killed in a terror attack in Burkina Faso has made a desperate plea for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to keep up Canadian airstrikes against ISIL.

“I want Justin Trudeau, instead of condemning (the attacks) solely with words and his little mouth, to do it with airplanes,” Camille Carrier, mother of 37-year-old victim Maude Carrier, told Montreal’s 98.5 FM on Monday. “I am ashamed.”

Maude Carrier was one of six aid workers from Quebec killed on Friday when a group of Islamist terrorists stormed a luxury hotel and cafe in the capital city of Ouagadougou. In all 28 people died.
Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) claimed responsibility, saying the unprovoked attack was meant to “punish the Cross-worshippers for their crimes against our people in Central Africa, Mali and other lands of the Muslims.”
(Sidebar: ah, those blasted "Cross-worshippers"...)

AQIM was an early supporter of ISIL, although as recently as November it was joining other al-Qaida affiliates in condemning ISIL’s purported caliphate as illegitimate and accusing the group of “deviation and misguidance” for targeting Muslims instead of Jews and Christians. 

As soon as Carrier learned of the Burkina Faso attacks, she said she sent numerous anxious messages to her family, unaware that her daughter, ex-husband Yves Carrier, his second wife, Gladys Chamberland, and their son, Charlelie Carrier, had already been killed. The other two were family friends Suzanne Bernier and Louis Chabot.

“I wake up the next morning and nobody has responded to my messages … it was a Surete de Quebec police officer who came on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to tell me they were all dead,” she told FM93.

Throughout Sunday and Monday, Carrier repeated her plea across Quebec media for Ottawa to back military action against jihadist forces.

“I’m revolted to have a prime minister who does not participate in combat,” she told French-language radio in Ottawa.

“Even before this I was ashamed of us, I have plenty of friends in France who were ashamed of us.”

To the television station TVA, Carrier said Monday, “I’m revolted … (Justin Trudeau) walks around with his nice hair spouting his empty theories, he’s on television condemning things but he’s not capable of joining in with the others who are supporting the French.”

... should be no surprise.

Anyone who voted for Justin Trudeau should not be horrified now. 

Why? Is his indifference and penchant for selfies unexpected?


He admitted to admiring one of the worst human rights abusers on the planet. He made light of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. His grand idea of helping the Yazidis from rape and murder was parkas. He also made no attempt to hide the fact that he would remove Canada from the military and moral fight against Islamist terrorism.

He said these things. There are recordings of them. Nothing is taken out of context. Nothing is misconstrued.

And it was all known before the election.

So, really, Trudeau is giving people what they voted for.

I bet they're sorry now.

Also: how do you verify records in offices that have, no doubt, been destroyed?

Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship John McCallum tried to downplay fears at a press conference last week, insisting that the mass pre-planned sexual assaults in Europe on New Year's Eve are not a cause for concern in Canada.

McCallum said the Canadian government is aware of the "situation in Germany," indicating the campaign of sexual assaults, but claimed Canadian women need not fear because of the government's selection process.

Rape-ugees: the Liberal Party's gift to Canada.

I'm sure Rachel Notley has this all in hand:

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers said in its most recent update that 40,000 jobs have been directly lost due to plummeting oil prices, and tens of thousands more have been affected indirectly by less money being spent in the wider economy.

If the Iranian government had released innocent people because they’re innocent like it’s supposed to—then we could say we had a good day. But that’s not what happened. That’s not even close to what happened.

It could have been worse, though. Secretary of State John Kerry said he thought he’d secured these peoples’ release months ago, but the deal fell apart because the Iranian government wanted the United States to release convicted murderers.

That demand shouldn’t surprise anyone. Iran’s Lebanese proxy Hezbollah convinced the Israelis to release convicted murderers like the notorious Samir Kuntar in exchange for  the bodies of kidnapped soldiers who weren’t even alive anymore, who had in fact been mutilated by Hezbollah.

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump received a key endorsement Tuesday from conservative heavyweight Sarah Palin, giving the billionaire businessman a potential boost with some voters less than two weeks before voting begins with the Iowa caucuses.

I find your lack of faith in Ted Cruz disturbing.

North Korean scientists have come up with an updated version of the ginseng alcohol, which will be "suave and hangover free". It has been claimed that the experts were also able to eliminate the bitter taste of the popular liquor.

Imam Mustafa Efe is seen with one of the stray cats he allows to stay in the Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. [Mustafa Efe/Facebook]

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