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First post of the new year....

Let's greet the new year with hydro hikes Ontario Liberal voters clearly wanted:

Resolve to cut down on your electricity use in the new year, as hydro rates are among several fees going up in 2016.

The increased fees — most people can expect to pay around nine dollars a month more — are among a number of provincial changes that will take effect on Jan. 1.

Here's a look at what to expect:

Hydro bills going up

The Ontario government is ending the debt retirement charge for ratepayers, but a 10 per cent discount called the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit is also disappearing. Unfortunately, the two cancellations don't offset one another, leaving people paying more.

The Ontario Energy Board also raised time-of-use rates in November and is planning more rate changes in the new year.

Some people who qualify for the Ontario Electricity Support Program will pay less, however only some 19 per cent of the 500,000 Ontarians who qualify for the new program have applied. That program will be subsidized in part by a $1 per month fee on everybody else's hydro bill.

This is what Ontario Liberal voters wanted. When it becomes too cold to run a space heater and too hot to run a fan, I hope they still feel confident in their disastrous electoral choices.


It seems PM Trulander has gotten so over his hair that not even his advisors know what to do:

The extremist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant will continue to threaten the Middle East because there is "no progress" towards an effective political solution in Syria, federal advisers have bluntly told Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Canadian fighter jets taking part in the air campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have had a busy start to 2016.

The Canadian Forces says two CF-18 Hornets took to the skies on New Year's Day to attack ISIL fighting positions in Ramadi in support of Iraqi security forces.

But I thought that the government was going to discontinue the mission but instead focus on the ineffective plan to train Iraqis (not the Peshmerga) to defeat the child-raping ISIS.

Could this be another promise given to voters who can't be bothered asking their candidate to do some basic math on the spot?

Yes, yes it is.

Speaking of basic math:

The Liberals’ lowering of the annual limit Canadians can contribute to their tax-free savings accounts to $5,500 a year from $10,000 is getting mixed reviews, a new poll suggests.

Respondents to a Nanos Research survey were almost evenly divided on lowering the contribution cap for the savings vehicle. Thirty-five per cent said they supported the Liberals’ lower limit and 13 per cent somewhat supported it, while 33 per cent opposed it and 13 per cent somewhat opposed it.

“The tax-free savings account is difficult politically because you’re taking away something that’s been given,” pollster Nik Nanos said. “The Conservatives made it a political gift before the election and the Liberals took it away.”

The previous Conservative government created TFSAs in the 2008 budget as a way for Canadians to set aside money that could be invested, and any returns would not be taxed even when withdrawn. The accounts differ from registered retirement savings plans in that contributions are not tax-deductible.

The annual limit was originally set at $5,000 a year, before rising to $5,500 for 2013 and 2014, and up to $10,000 for 2015.

Okay, so what do you do with Canadians who can only squirrel away X amount because they have lost (which is very likely under this government) their jobs or have changed them?

Thanks for taking away choice, Liberal douchebags.

I think it's cute that you think that you will get any sort of respect from this government:

Several Cape Breton veterans groups are about to receive money from the "Anything but Conservative" campaign.

The campaign, also known as "ABC", was formed for the federal election after the closing of the veterans affairs office in Sydney earlier this year. It encouraged people to vote against Stephen Harper.

The campaign raised $28,000 to cover costs, but has around $10,000 left over, said Ron Clarke, a veteran in Cape Breton who launched the area's campaign. 

That money will go to help veterans, including Northside General Hospital's veterans wing, he said. 
"The veterans who are in hospitals need to be looked after," Clarke said.

Anything from little presents, cookies and yummy sandwiches to bus trips to see music would help "make them feel that they are being remembered," Clarke said.

"It's a treat for them. It just makes it a lot better for them."

But I don't think that will help a soldier who saw his friend blown to smithereens. 

These sorts of little gestures are good for ladies' church groups but not for grassroots action groups.

Perhaps Mr. Clarke forgets that it was Chretien who cut back on veterans' funerals?

For some perspective:

I recently interviewed Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer and we went through 10 examples of the Koran being violent. After the video went live, we got all the common refrains about how the Bible is even worse and the Crusades this and the Old Testament that and Hoseah 13:16 and Psalms 137:9 encourage us to “bash babies against rocks,” etc., etc.
All right, fine. Just for fun, let’s pretend the Old Testament was even worse than the Koran and we were way more barbaric 500 years ago. How about what Islam is doing today? The Western world has moved forward since the days of fire and brimstone, but the Middle East is turning backward toward it. There are a lot of reasons for this, but their handbook is a great place to start. Here are 10 examples of Koran quotes coming to life right now. 

(1) “Fight against those who do not obey Allah and do not believe in Allah or the Last Day and do not forbid what has been forbidden by Allah and His messenger even if they are of the People of the Book until they pay the Jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued.” 9:29

This week a woman “of the book” was accused of destroying said book and promptly beaten to death by those who “obey Allah.” Farkhunda Malikzada was a devout student of Islam and had chastised fellow Muslims for trafficking Viagra and condoms. They got out of it by pretending she was burning the Koran and that’s when all hell broke loose. You’d’ve thunk she created a sculpture called Piss Muhammad or made the prophet’s mother out of elephant dung the way they stomped her bloody face into unconsciousness.
Thank you, Robert Spenser and Gavin McInnes, for all that you do.

Western civilisation was built on Judeo-Christian ethics which have evolved with the times. Women are not treated as chattel (abortion doesn't count, anti-science douchebags) but are treated as equals. If your culture says that acid can be thrown in your face, then and only then can you complain.

I'm sure this can all be resolved over a pot of tea:

Protesters in Iran, angered by the execution by Saudi Arabia of a prominent Shiite cleric, broke into the Saudi embassy in Tehran early Sunday, setting fires and throwing papers from the roof, Iranian media reported.

Obama and Trudeau are on the same page as Iran.

Carry on.

You don't say:

Microsoft Corp experts concluded several years ago that Chinese authorities had hacked into more than a thousand Hotmail email accounts, targeting international leaders of China’s Tibetan and Uighur minorities in particular – but it decided not to tell the victims, allowing the hackers to continue their campaign, according to former employees of the company.

And now, only in New Brunswick (hell, let's make that a feature):

A hunter rescued a moose from certain death this week in woods near east Bathurst.

The female moose had two legs stuck between the boards of a wooden bridge over Currie Creek, used by all-terrain vehicles, but not usually at this time of year.

Philippe Doucet told Radio-Canada he happened to be driving by Tuesday to check his rabbit snares and hunt coyote.

Doucet said he was shocked to see the big moose stuck on the bridge in his path.

The animal seemed to have lost hope, he said. There were icicles under its legs, so it had been there quite a while.

Doucet said he called forest rangers, then his uncle and two friends, and they set out on a rescue mission.

The rangers brought a chainsaw, he said.

Someone cut two boards from the bridge deck. Someone else lifted the moose's legs from underneath, while others pulled from above.

The animal fell onto its side when they were finally able to get it unstuck, said Doucet.

Its legs seemed to be quite frozen up, but it slowly got to its feet and was able to walk. Luckily none of its legs were broken, he said.

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