Friday, February 26, 2016

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Lots to talk about...

The average cost of full-time four-year post-secondary education is more than $66,000.  If, for example, the grossly-indebted Ontario government were to fund 135,000 students, the cost would be $8910000000.

How many cartons of cigarettes and bottles of wine could ever pay for that?

Budgets don't just balance themselves.

No wonder why the government wants to off the elderly and children for hospital beds.

New Brunswick aboriginal activists vow to continue opposing fracking:

People involved in the Kent County anti-fracking protests of 2013 were watching the announcement of Friday's shale gas report closely.

Dozens of people from First Nations and nearby communities in Kent County took part in barricades to block exploration equipment in the area.

It culminated in a showdown that saw five police vehicles burned, 40 people arrested, others pepper-sprayed, and some shot at with non-lethal bullets by RCMP. ...

Ron Tremblay, Chief of the Wolastoq Grand Council was in Fredericton for the release of the report.
"We have a declaration that we put forward protecting Mother Earth, the water and the air and we're very very firm," said Tremblay. "If there's any way that she'll be damaged along with the water and the air we cannot support that."

Yes, about that:

The study, more than four years in the making, said the EPA has found no signs of “widespread, systemic” drinking water pollution from hydraulic fracturing. That conclusion dramatically runs afoul of one of the great green crusades of the past half-decade, which has portrayed the oil- and gas-extraction technique as a creator of fouled drinking water wells and flame-shooting faucets.
Oh, dear. The Narrative.

Also in New Brunswick: squatters stay until forced to leave:

Syrian refugees settling in Moncton will now be moving temporarily into hotels instead of apartments as the city struggles to find enough apartments to house the larger families fleeing the war-torn country.

Have fun paying for this, O Broke Province of New Brunswick.

By the way, they wouldn't have left if the powers-that-be in the West liquidated ISIS on sight or if Saudi Arabia took them in.

But, you know, terrorism.

Speaking of terrorism....

If even the bovine masses who voted the Liberals in cannot see that this is a ploy to build voters bases for them, then I just don't know what to say. Citizenship is not a right but a privilege. Why should the country be crammed to the rafters with would-be terrorists and other emotional retards rather than people who have worked long and hard to be a part of a fraternity where bloodlines, castes and sects cease being important and others are embraced for their willingness to be Canadian?

By the way, this soon-to-be repealed law refers only to those who hold dual citizenship or who have become convenient Canadians.

Does CBC actually investigate these "hate crimes" that only Muslims witness or is it just me?

Incidents of anti-Muslim hate crimes are on the rise, according to the Canadian Arab Federation. Since the Paris attacks in November, there's been a sharp spike — enough that the National Council of Canadian Muslims created an online map to track such incidents.

Oh, yeah. The Narrative.

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