Tuesday, April 05, 2016

For A Tuesday

Lots to talk about...

Now that's a drubbing:

The Saskatchewan NDP have picked up just one seat in a provincial election which saw the party's leader lose his own constituency.

Justin and his handlers must be livid over Brad Wall's victory. They thought they could make a clean sweep of ruining Canada.

Oh, well...

One down:

Iceland’s embattled prime minister has resigned amid a controversy over his offshore holdings, a Cabinet minister said Tuesday as outrage over the accounts roiled the North Atlantic island nation.

Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson is stepping down as leader of the country’s coalition government, Agriculture Minister Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson told Icelandic broadcaster RUV.

No replacement has yet been named, and Iceland’s president has not yet confirmed that he has accepted the resignation.


Does one remember when Obama laughed at Donald Trump after the brash candidate resigned to the fact that a nuclear war between Japan and North Korea may be inevitable?


North Korea can mount a nuclear warhead on a medium-range missile, a South Korean official said on Tuesday in a new assessment of the capability of a country that conducted its fourth nuclear test this year.

"We believe they have accomplished miniaturization of a nuclear warhead to mount it on a Rodong missile," said the South Korean official, who has knowledge of South Korea's assessment of the North’s nuclear program. The official spoke to a small group of reporters on condition of anonymity.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said last month that his country had miniaturized nuclear warheads to mount on ballistic missiles. It was his first direct statement of a claim often made in state media though never independently verified.

The Rodong missile can fire a 1 tonne (1,100 lb) warhead a distance of up to 2,000 km (1,250 miles), the official said. That would put all of South Korea, most of Japan and parts of Russia and China in range.

"We believe they have the ability to mount a nuclear warhead on a Rodong. Whether they will fire it like that is a political decision," said the official.

Free tip: never take one's clues from Obama, the least qualified jackanapes to handle foreign policy.


Designating a suspect a "global terrorist" is yet another example of issuing empty gestures:

The United States on Tuesday designated a leading suspect in last year's jihadist attacks on Paris, Salah Abdeslam, as a "global terrorist" under US law.

I will bet that terrorist pansy is scared.

Or does the bill protect private business owners from First-World whiners while still letting them have their precious confections?

Walter Duranty is still in hell, Yahoo News.

Also: it's hard to rape and murder with a pay cut:

As a US-led coalition hammers ISIS's oil infrastructure and other financial institutions in the Middle East, the terrorist group has cut salaries and infighting has broken out within the rank and file and senior leadership. 

It might be true. One never knows:

There are advertisements with subtle fat-shaming undertones. And then there's this billboard ad for a gym in England that's so overtly fat-shaming, it's laughable.  

"They're coming... and when they arrive they'll take the FAT ones first," the gym's advertisement, plastered on the side of a convenience store in Derbyshire, read. "Save yourself," it said in the corner above a website address to subscribe to the gym.

The gym, Fit4Less, told Derby Telegraph that it was simply taking a "lighted-hearted approach" in its advertising and meant no harm, but anti-bullying activist Natalie Harvey was "shocked" when she passed the sign. 

"Just this week alone I've had three cases of bullying due to weight issues and I feel campaigns like this aid bullying," Harvey told the Telegraph. "I couldn't believe it when I saw it, it's 2016 – this sort of fat-shaming humor is offensive."
Treehouse of Horror (23)

A German Shepherd receives the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross for his work in locating mines in Afghanistan:

Gunnery sergeant Christopher Willingham, of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA, poses with retired U.S. Marine dog Lucca, after receiving the PDSA Dickin Medal, awarded for animal bravery, equivalent of the Victoria Cross, at Wellington Barracks in London, Tuesday, April 5, 2016. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

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