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The "sunny" and "transparent" Liberal government has gone forward with an arms deal to the corrupt House of Saud, ever blaming the previous government and sweetening a deal in the event domestic pipelines don't carry through:

Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion has released documents showing the minister approved the export of $11 billion worth of the $15 billion in light armoured vehicles destined for Saudi Arabia as part of a controversial defence contract.

The documents shed new light on the controversial Saudi deal, as well as the Canadian government's view of the murky world of Canadian arms exports to a volatile region.

They indicate that Dion approved the export of the LAV3s after government officials advised him that they were satisfied the Saudis would not use the combat vehicles against their own people, but instead would use them to defend Canada's common security interests with the desert kingdom.

The documents, which Dion's office gave to The Canadian Press on Tuesday night, cite the ongoing fight against Islamic State militants, in which Saudi Arabia is an ally with Canada, the United States and a coalition of several dozen countries. ...

The previous Conservative government approved the Saudi LAV contract and the Liberals have decided to honour it because they say cancelling it would lead to costly financial penalties that would hurt the country's long-term business interests.

(Sidebar: unlike gas plants.) 

The government is set to introduce Soylent Green euthanasia laws this Thursday:

The Canadian government's assisted dying legislation is expected to be introduced Thursday.

The justice minister's notice for the upcoming bill, however, comes with just five sitting weeks left until the Supreme Court of Canada deadline in June.

The court ruled in February 2015 that in some circumstances, individuals had the right to ask a doctor to help them die.

But I thought there was nothing wrong with wind turbines:

One of three wind turbines at Ferndale, 60 km north of Owen Sound, is listing, and officials are trying to determine what to do about it.

But the owners of the facility say that the site is secure and there is no risk to public safety.

“The landowners are safe, the neighbours are safe, properties and structures are safe,” said Aaron Boles, senior vice-president of investor relations and communication with Capstone Infrastructure, which owns the three-turbine wind farm. “The closest structure to that turbine is 400 metres away and the closest road is 900 metres away, and that whole turbine to tip height is 115 metres.”

Twenty-four hour security has also been placed at the site and the turbine has been tethered, Boles said.


First, they found out they’re getting giant wind turbines even though they didn’t want them.

Now, residents of a Southwestern Ontario township are learning the support of six Ontario First Nations communities — more than 1,000 kilometres away, some not even in the same time zone — helped give a Chicago-based energy giant an edge in its winning bid to build the unwanted wind farm.

Multi-tiered affairs, people.

Noted race liar claims that racism - not biology or culture - created race:

Nearly a year after she was forced to resign from the NAACP after being accused of lying about her race, Rachel Dolezal says she is writing a book about racial identity — and remains unapologetic about misleading those who believed she was born black.

“I don’t have any regrets about how I identify,” Dolezal said on NBC’s “Today” show Tuesday. “I’m still me, and nothing about that has changed.”

If anything, Dolezal says, she wishes she would’ve clarified her racial identity sooner.

“I do wish that I could’ve really owned, you know, given myself permission to really name and own the ‘me’ of me earlier in life,” she said. “It took me almost 30 years to get there. But it’s a complex issue.

“Race is such a contentious issue because of the painful history of racism,” she added. “Race didn’t create racism, but racism created race.”

Whatever you say, Whitey!

Is saying "WORD!" still a thing? Because it is, this qualifies:

(Sidebar: viewer discretion is advised or not safe for work or mind the kids..)

Dear my leftist friends: the people who are mad about Trump aren’t literally insane. They’re sick of getting taken advantage of from both sides.

The free tuition, welfare, and all the other crap you want is never going to come out of those evil rich people’s pockets. Because—as you complain, this time correctly, yourselves—the super-wealthy can afford all kinds of tax shelters. You can hike their tax rate up as far as you like, but GE is still not going to fund the brunt of your free lunch.

I’ve owned a small business, population one, for years, and I do my own taxes. Even if a business follows the law to the letter, there’s a giant break percentage-wise around 100 grand in profits.

Proportionally, even without Swiss bank accounts, people who net less than that are going to be paying for your Bernie bucks. He’ll make the rich guys pay, you say? Bullshit. He’ll try for six months and then someone will pay him off. You think he can resist? He’s been living off others all his life.

The little guy who’s working full-time is going to pay for your pie in the sky, you greedy, lazy fucks.The small businessman who’s struggling to meet payroll is going to pay for it. The cube rat is going to pay for it. The freelancer grinding it out is going to pay for it. And you know it. According to your own logic, according to your own complaints about the rich dodging their taxes, you’re completely willing to tax the worker to pay for you to sit around and pontificate. “Yeah, we’ll work that out later. And if we can’t make the rich pay, well… who cares about those middle-class loser white guys? I have green hair!”

(Sidebar: no free lunch, is the point.)


Uh, no. Pro-abortionists support abortion always. My experience debating them has convinced me of that. They are more rigid, dogmatic and illogical than any projection they could contrive. As I have said many times before, pro-abortionists wrap their egos in their shaky political positions and will never re-visit them for any reason. That is why they can own what comes next:

Part of the problem is that dogmatic pro-choicers largely refuse to acknowledge that sex-selective abortion exists, much less that it is a problem. But being pro-choice is not — or should not be — absolute. It’s possible to both support a woman’s right to choose and reject the notion that aborting a baby because of its sex is acceptable. It’s not. Perhaps feminists should ask themselves how they reconcile their defence of a woman’s right to choose but not of a girl’s right to live.

(Sidebar: again, will not happen.)

But... but... wedding cakes!

A Chinese judge ruled Wednesday that Sun Wenlin and Hu Mingliang can’t get married. Sun and Hu — the couple behind China’s first same-sex marriage case — would rather hear that as “you can’t get married yet.”

I'm sure Big Gay will be appropriately silent on this.

Also: Chinese political prisoners can't flaunt anything:

China’s rapid economic rise has turned peasants into billionaires. Many wealthy Chinese are increasingly eager to stow their families — and their riches — in the West, where rule of law, clean air and good schools offer peace of mind, especially for those looking to escape scrutiny from the Communist Party and an anti-corruption campaign that has sent hundreds of the rich and powerful to jail.

And now, my brother put me wise to this:


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