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Mo' News, Mo' Opining

Because the world never stops...

Maxime Bernier has made a bid to be the next leader of the Tories:

Quebec MP Maxime Bernier became the second official contender for the permanent leadership of the Conservative party Thursday, saying while there may be more than a year to go until the winner is chosen, he's ready now.

One might think that being a Quebecker, he may hold sway in his home province. But then one remembers how that corrupt province votes.

Because Liberals:

The Liberal government has launched one of the most expensive items in last month's federal budget — a $2-billion post-secondary infrastructure fund that wasn't even mentioned in the party's election platform.

In a budget that left out a number of marquee Liberal election promises, how did a big-ticket upgrade to university campuses elbow its way into the fiscal plan in only a few months?

It's a question lobbyists and interest groups are asking themselves as they try to figure out what makes the new Liberal government tick.

The government has committed up to $2 billion over two years to modernize university and college research facilities. Science Minister Kirsty Duncan kicked off the program's application process Wednesday.

Scott Brison, the president of the Treasury Board of Canada, and Ray Ivany, vice-chancellor of Acadia University, announced that Acadia University would be getting $487,960 for a wine lab on March 29th.

The president of the Treasury Board of Canada doesn't just give that kind of money away.

Liberals run on nepotism.

Remember: this is a party that promised to run deficits. That's debt. Three periods of debt. Their leader charged vacations and nannies to the Canadian taxpayer while promising not to do so. He has spent more money (mostly on himself) than the previous government.

Nothing this corrupt body of cattle droppings does should surprise one.

Again, because Liberals:

Of the nearly $5 billion a year Ontario spends on various direct and indirect business subsidies and tax credits, 200 of the province’s oldest and largest companies are the biggest beneficiaries.

That’s according to a previously secret blue-ribbon report reviewing the province’s “business support programs,” a messy mix of direct and indirect grants, tax credits, and programs and hubs designed to grow certain sectors of the economy.

And how has this have-not province grown?

Water-hoses. That is what I have to say:

A demonstration against alleged police brutality in Montreal on Wednesday evening resulted in significant damage to property, with three cars being set on fire and the windows of a police station and bank being smashed.

Why would anyone put a massage parlour next to a baby-minding centre?

A preschool in St. John’s east end has closed its doors after the owner says a spa operating as an erotic massage parlour opened next door.

A useless piece of crap who has never been to a residential school and who used a child as an ashtray will avoid serious jail time because of some white liberal idiot's idea of Stone Age justice:

A Quebec aboriginal man who repeatedly burned a five-year-old girl with a cigarette, leaving permanent scars on her face, arms, legs and genitalia, has been given a lenient sentence after a judge determined he is a “collateral victim” of residential school abuse.

Rape-denial is a thing and the left owns it:

As noted yesterday, at issue during the debate was whether the alleged Northern Europe gang-rape epidemic was merely a kinky sex fantasy for me and Nigel Farage. Is it even happening? The National Post's Jonathan Kay:
Mark Steyn seems to suggest that Muslim refugees raped 500 women and girls in Germany in single night. Seems very dubious
If you're going to present yourself as a fact-checker, you could at least get off your arse and check facts. Actually, I said there were 500 "sexual assaults", a crime which includes not just penetration by an unwanted penis, but apparently trivial and unimportant stuff like, for example, being surrounded by a dozen menacing, predatory men and finding that "Ich hatte Finger an allen Körperöffnungen" - I had a finger in every orifice.

Nor did I say there were 500 sexual assaults "in Germany". I said there were 500 in Cologne alone. From Süddeutsche Zeitung:
Bislang wurden laut Staatsanwaltschaft Köln 1139 Anzeigen gestellt, davon 485 wegen einer Sexualstraftat.
That's to say, the Cologne state prosecutor's office is (as of a fortnight ago) up to 1,139 New Year's Eve attacks, of which 485 are for sex assaults. So you got me there, Jonathan. I ballooned it out of all proportion and alleged there were not a footling 485 sexual assaults in Cologne in a single night, but a grossly exaggerated and "very dubious" 500. As for the number throughout Germany, there were also mass coordinated gang assaults in Bielefeld, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuttgart - totaling just shy of 2,000 victims. ...

Still, I don't feel writers who purport to be experts on the subject have the same excuse. The Globe & Mail's Doug Saunders:
A very large part of his [Steyn's] debate argument involved retailing urban myths involving refugees and rape etc
By "urban myths", Mr Saunders means hundreds and hundreds of Continental media reports. If you recall (from the aforementioned clash of titans) that flurry of child-rape stories I cited from a week's worth of German newspapers in January, I could have read out similar individual European headlines until the end of the debate at 9pm, and never repeated myself.

But no doubt Saunders' agent is already pitching his next book. Forthcoming from Knopf Canada:
Hey, What's The Big Deal About Gang Rape?
by Doug Saunders

"Spirited!" - Jonathan Kay

At a certain level, Louise Arbour is right: Nigel and I are not the best spokespersons for the raped and battered women and children of the new Europe. We are, after all, as Mr Saunders says, mere bigoted cartoon characters. It would be much better for the victims if all the respectable people - like Louise and Simon and Doug and Jonathan - were to take up the cause.

But they don't.

And they mock those who do.

When one's ego is so wrapped in one's horribly shaky political position, given the opportunity, one would rather saw off one's leg than admit fault in one's logic.

Prove me wrong.

Sexual assault by migrants is a documented fact and not one bit of it is fictional or funny, despite what the left clearly thinks.

Also: oh, please -  PM Islamist-Supporter thinks parkas ward off rape:

Amnesty International blasted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday for suggesting his government needs to tread warily in its bid to help secure the release of jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi.

And now, only in Japan:

Japan’s rail system is so easy to use, even this kitty commuter has no trouble with it.
CT 1

The cromulent words that the Simpsons invented.

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