Friday, April 21, 2017

For a Friday

Canada does not have the arms nor the man-power to combat the vassal state of Trudeau's favourite country. This is nothing more than another transparently empty promise:

Should the tense standoff on the Korean Peninsula escalate into war, the United Nations could come calling on Canada for a military commitment. 

But Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan said Friday the Trudeau government would prefer to focus its attention on diplomacy.

Diplomacy was never won by a steady stream of lispy girlish stuttering, Justin.

Where will these tech firms set up shop? Ontario?

U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order this week asking Congress to review the process granting H1-B work visas.

The move potentially halts America’s tech companies (Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc.) from expanding, as they rely on these workers for skills such as coding and won’t be able to hire the world’s best and brightest in the numbers they need.

“Technology companies everywhere know that their success relies on their people, and to compete globally they need to attract the best. The H-1B visa in the U.S., similar to Canada’s temporary foreign worker program, lets American companies bring in best and the brightest from around the world – many of which are Canadian,” says Robert Watson, president and CEO of the Information Technology Association of Canada, the national voice of the information and communication technology industry in Canada for over 60 years.

The tune will change when the costs are so prohibitive that they won't be worth it. 

Justin Trudeau’s government announced last week that it won’t allow Liberal MPs to approve 2017 summer job funding for pro-life organizations after the story broke that Liberal MP Iqra Khalid did just that last year.

Two things: stop relying on the government and make PM Hair-Boy work for free. He can rely on his dad's money for conditioner.

I find it offensive that one cannot express one's self freely in a country that is not North Korea. I find it offensive that one cannot carry a sign on a public sidewalk one's taxes pay for. I find it offensive that one who paid into the "universal healthcare" system cannot get a timely MRI for the tumour growing one one's spine but one can get a quack with a pair of forceps to rip out a kid's arms and legs from his sockets. I find it offensive that people validate their sad existences by aiding the said dismemberment. I find that very g-d- offensive:

Ottawa police Chief Charles Bordeleau issued a statement Thursday, saying that “all reported incidents are taken seriously and investigated.”

“We continually respond to calls for service at this location, most related to protesters and graphic signs,” he said. “Where warranted, we enforce applicable laws.”

“We have also been accused by some of not respecting the rights of protesters at that location.”
Police said the special events bylaw was not intended to apply to an individual demonstrator, but larger events.

“The application of laws as it relates to protests must be carefully considered, ensuring that the enforcement is not in contravention of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms,” Bordeleau said.

Environment and Climate Change Canada quietly released a new report this month that shows a small decline in greenhouse gas emissions but projects Canada won’t meet its climate targets by 2030 unless new measures are introduced. 


Of Bill McKibben and his clangorous, we may only hope his science is better than his manners. The distemper of this fellow, his appetite for insult and personal reference, is, if I may revive a Hillary term, deplorable. If this is what the Green cadres think of Justin Trudeau — who, regardless of one’s view of his stand or the issue, is a genuine and committed advocate for the global warming cause —  what, in the name of all that is green and growing, do they think of the rest of us?

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