Thursday, April 06, 2017

Rainy Day Post

Gloomy day...

An American man was detained after a false bomb was found in his luggage:

An American man was arrested and charged with mischief after airport officials found a "mock improvised explosive device" in a suitcase on a United Airlines flight bound from Toronto to Chicago, Canadian police said on Thursday.

The suspect, identified as Joseph Galaska, 58, was held for a bail hearing. Police did not reveal details on his residence.

Police checked the device for explosives and determined it was not a threat, a Peel Regional police spokesman said. The Chicago O'Hare-bound flight was delayed for hours from its scheduled 7 a.m. EDT (1100 GMT) departure and all other passengers and their luggage were rescreened.
Watch the airport bum-touchers claim this as a win for the good guys.

Explosives were discovered in Saint Petersburg:

Explosives found in a residential building in St Petersburg are similar to the unexploded bomb in the city's metro, found on the day of the bombing that killed 14 people on Monday, Russian security sources said on Thursday.

"Explosives were in a similar amount that was used at Vosstaniya (metro station)," a security source told Reuters.

I have yet to see any government take a hard line with China. I doubt Trump will be an exception:

U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping met face-to-face for the first time on Thursday, spending some social time together with their wives before digging in to the thorny trade and security issues that bedevil the relationship between the world's two largest economies.

Trump said he wants to raise concerns about China's trade practices and urge Xi to do more to rein in North Korea's nuclear ambitions in the talks, though no major deals on either issue were expected.

China will never disarm its vassal state. North Korea is like a very distracting attack dog for it.

He can stay there:

Abderrahmane Ghanem, a 30-year-old Canadian from Calgary, has been held for nearly a year in the El-Harrach prison in Algeria. 

Ghanem, who also holds Algerian citizenship, is charged with being a member of a terrorist group outside Algeria. His trial is set to begin next month. If found guilty he likely faces up to 20 years in jail.

A Toronto man has been charged with wanting to join ISIS:

The RCMP says they've charged a man for allegedly leaving Canada to join Islamic State militants.

The Mounties say they began investigating in January 2016 after hearing allegations that Pamir Hakimzadah had travelled to Turkey during the fall of 2014 to join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

They say Hakimzadah was returned to Canada after being detained by Turkish authorities.

The RCMP says Hakimzadah was charged Wednesday afternoon with leaving Canada to participate in the activity of a terrorist group.

The senator who stated that some good came out of residential schools -

this one:

After hearing testimony about the atrocities committed in residential schools, Senator Lynn Beyak asked survivors at the Senate's Aboriginal peoples committee Wednesday what they thought about her plan for a national audit on all First Nations spending.

Beyak asked John Morrisseau and Doris Young, two elderly Indigenous people who faced abuse in school, if they thought it was appropriate to be spending money on renaming buildings, like Ottawa's Langevin Block, named after one of the architects of the residential schools, when there are children on reserve without clean drinking water.
- has been removed from the senate committee overlooking aboriginal affairs:

Conservative Sen. Lynn Beyak, who famously declared "some good" came out of Canada's residential schools, has been kicked off the Senate's committee on Aboriginal Peoples.

The truth can be a terrible monkey wrench.

The Canadian dollar is going to take a nose-dive:

The Canadian dollar will weaken over the coming months, pressured by an uncertain economic outlook and the prospect of higher interest rates in the United States even as the Bank of Canada stays on the sidelines, a Reuters poll showed.

While the loonie may gain a little in the short term on expectations of stronger first-quarter economic growth in Canada, the survey of close to 50 foreign exchange strategists showed it will weaken to C$1.35 per U.S. dollar in three months and close the year at the same level.

It is already 3 percent lower than at this time last year.

Remember - budgets balance themselves. 

So people are being informed that it is dignified to die for a hospital bed?

A crowdfunded map of Canada, published on the Dying With Dignity website, shows there are several facilities across the country that will provide the procedure, while others explicitly will not. The map also illustrates the information gaps and potential access issues that exist across the country, particularly in rural areas like Atlantic Canada and the north.


Babies born to Muslims will begin to outnumber Christian births by 2035, a new study has found.

What could go wrong? Abortion and euthanasia will save so much money by killing off potential tax-payers who will then be replaced by those who flock here for the tax-funded benefits we've come to expect.


Because the left is nuts:

It especially galls me that the left, having seized the commanding heights of culture including academia, should not merely quash diversity but blithely deny doing so. Peterson is so obviously being made an example of. Can’t they person up and admit it?

One might conclude that Russian Orthodoxy is the official religion in Russia. One would be half right. The true state religion is fascism:

Russia's Supreme Court has refused to recognize the country's Jehovah's Witnesses as victims of political repression.

The religious group appealed to the court as part of an ongoing case which could see the organization banned in Russia as “extremist.” 

The ruling would leave Russia's 175,000 Jehovah's Witnesses unable to meet or distribute literature legally, classifying the group alongside organizations like the Islamic State and al-Qaeda.

One may find the precepts of the Jehovah's Witnesses arcane or foolish but on par with ISIS?

Way to stretch credulity there, Russia.

And - oh, would these be the MPPs who unanimously voted to elevate Islamism over all else? Those MPPs?

Secularism and feminism are all well and good, but the New Democrats are unlikely to align with the Qur’an-stompers. The Liberals think religious accommodations are the Pope’s pyjamas. And after John Tory’s faith-based schools debacle and Patrick Brown’s sex-ed switcheroo, the Progressive Conservatives are scared stiff of this stuff. (Opposing prayer in public school isn’t exactly home-run conservative policy, anyway.)

Nevertheless, it’s not Ontario’s educators you should be bothering — it’s Ontario’s legislators. They made this world. The schools are just living in it.

Oh, give it a rest. Schools don't take cues from the government but they do put the useless cretins in power.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Don Rickles:

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