Tuesday, March 03, 2009

And Then There's This Guy...

I want to hear again how Obama- whose wealth of experience is "community organization"- is going to face down the Russians. I want to hear how his silken charms can melt the heart of a totalitarian state that has its own journalists killed. A leader with real intestinal fortitude would just build the missile defence system and say to hell with Putin and his hand puppet, Medvedev. Obama, on the other hand, wants to talk.

This is why we don't hand over reins of power to an amateur who longs to build a nanny state because he thinks he knows what is good for everyone else.

As long as CNN is more concerned with Michelle Obama's fat butt and what thousand dollar designer dress is covering it, only bloggers will stare agape at this imminent train wreck of an administration.

I still want to hear why people voted for Obama and how he will magically bring "hope and change" to everyone and everything.

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