Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cuddly Monkey Time

If this baby Francois Langur born in Australia’s Taronga Zoo isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen, then I don't know what to say.

Gaze upon this cuteness and tremble!
For more cuteness, go here.


Ryan said...

And the anti-environment Republicans do not care that animals such as these will go extinct at the current rate of destruction facing many habitats around the world and even in the US.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Actually, some of the proposed suggestions and bills brought out by Democrats may end up being defeatist. Some have mixed, even positive results from George Bush's policies (

This cuddly animal isn't even in North America. If this cute fellow loses his home it's due to unregulated logging or hunting practices.

Just saying.

Thanks for the comment. I'm glad to see you think this monkey is adorable!

Anonymous said...

What in Hades does the U.S. or Republicanism have to do with this?
What about the well-established Audobon and National Geographic societies? Asian countries are the WORST offenders when it comes to animal cruelty and protection. Strange comment. Cute. Monkeh.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Yes, the monkey IS cute.
Canada and the US have strict guidelines on nature. Other countries have to be goaded into it. Forget the seal hunt. Ask why bears are hunted and sharks are killed only for their fins.