Sunday, March 29, 2009

I've Got Mail!

This kind of poster never fails to amuse me.

(Usual language warnings apply.)

Wow. Judge not lest ye be judged eh? What a fucking bitch.

Okay, Anonymous, if you can tell me why you turned off your lights and appliances, how it impacted the Earth for the better and how long you left your lights and computer on (especially after the magical hour you were convinced to abandon modernity), only then you can tell me how I was- if I may infer- judgmental.

I will wait for your reply. If don't get a reply whenever I post, I will let the good people who read this blog that you have declined to enlighten me.


Anonymous said...

Why do these bible thumpers leave such inane comments?
People have abandoned reason and science for stylish trends. If they were really sensible they'd know that light bulbs do not have harmful emissions, unlike candles, cellulars and flashlights. Energy statistics note a surge in consumption during the few hours leading up to the Earth Hour publicity stunt. What good does this do? Unfortunately, if you don't participate in this sham, you are vilified. It's obvious that you are not a hypocrite, and care in a sensible for the earth and humanity. Nice work!
-Matt Damon

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

You said it- Earth Hour is a TREND, not a sensible act by sensible people to prevent or fix pollution.
Excuse me for not being a sucker.

Anonymous said...

When facts and amiability are lacking, swearing is the only support for the ignorant. What was it that the great pundit Pee-Wee Herman said? Oh yes - I know you are but what am I.