Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Rest....

I saw this on Small Dead Animals. I might buy that there are flaws in capitalism but none so obviously apparent as the gaping flaws in socialism and communism. An MIT student, in all her well-meaning vigor, has produced a washing machine/bicycle contraption. If you've ever washed clothes by hand or pedalled uphill on your bike, you might understand why this device can be construed as child slave labour. Why not encourage people to give freely to nuns who are motivated by the love of God to work in places with terrible poverty and strife? Why not set up infrastructures to make things easier for people, like roads, clean water and electricity? Why not stand up to governments that repress their own people? Why outsource when you can hire local people to work for fair wages? If someone from MIT can make some tiring clothes-cleaning bike contraption, surely it must have crossed their minds to make the bigger picture brighter as opposed to construct some experimental thing someone might see on Mythbusters (that show is awesome, by the way).

Just saying.

You know it's bad when Gorbachev criticises you. Putin (who, let's face it, still runs Russia) has driven Russia to its limit, at least economically. It remains to be seen if state-run news agencies will tow the line or end up as other journalists have.

Syria's Assad wants to reach out the the US. This is just another sign that the current administration in the US might just be a tragic mistake. After all, Obama wants to "engage", not pressure a dictator into respecting the rights of its citizens. And after relations are normalised with Syria, then what?

I will now lighten the mood with funny animals.

Is someone skimping on the good cat food?

A rather disappointed cat.

Space odyssey.

And peace. Or something.

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