Thursday, March 05, 2009

Why Pop Psychology and Liberalism Should Never Mix

Oh please! Sarah Palin was too attractive that she cost McCain the election? Where do we start with what's wrong with all of this?

Governor Palin must have people running scared if they are still attacking her long after the election. Could they be frightened that after four years of an elitist socialist president with more experience patting himself on the back than leading a country, the American electorate could vote for anyone, even (gasp!) Sarah Palin?! Oh, heaven forbid!

What was the point of comparing Governor Palin to Angelina Jolie? Were both women equal in physical appearance and brood size? Mrs. Palin looks after her own kids while Miss Jolie has nannies for each of her multi-cultural spawn. And Governor Palin has never made a crappy film. Not that I'm accusing Angelina Jolie of making bad films (or am I?) or anything. I will be watching her father in all his delicious evil on 24. This season is turning out really well.

Maybe the popular press just can't hide its misogyny any more. Will we ever see the day when a male press flunkie slaps his female counterpart on the bum and tells her to run to the kitchen and get him some pie? Who knows with the way things are going. I thought men were supposed to get their own pie. I guess not.

*** I would like to make it clear that I have nothing against pie or those who make them.***

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