Monday, March 30, 2009

Start of the Week Post

British MP George Galloway will have to deliver his address via video as an injunction that would have allowed him into Canada has been denied in federal court. Good. Freedom of speech is a right that few countries- even Canada- afford to its citizens (just ask Ezra Levant). It shouldn't be abused by envelope-pushing attention-seekers, particularly ones who support Hamas and other terrorist organisations. If Galloway truly wanted to reach people, he would have gone on Youtube and spluttered about his love for the Jew-hating Hamas. He wanted attention and I don't think we should give it to him just because he is standing there.

South Korean president Lee Myun-Bak has decried any military action, no matter how slight, against North Korea's proposed launch later this week. The fears of ratcheting the tension between the two Koreas must be brooked. Proposed sanctions will not work, as they have not in the past. President Lee must prove to the North Koreans that he is not like the previous administration which had been criticised for its lax attitude toward them. The crisis will never end until it comes to a head.

Finally at least a few Khmer Rouge who perpetrated acts of indescribable cruelty might face justice. A court heard how Kaing Guek Eav, the warden for Cambodia's most notorious prison, Tuol Sleng, oversaw atrocities within its walls. The Vietnamese routed the Khmer Rouge in 1979. What took everyone so long to bring people like Kaing Guek Ev to justice? Surely the UN was on top of such things.

You should hear it here: tens of thousands of Spaniards march at a pro-life rally. Pass it on.

Great Britain proves once again why Ireland was right in bucking it decades ago. Apparently, more than 100, 000 Britons have downloaded a certificate of de-baptism. First of all, once you're in the club, you can't ever leave it. You're in it for life. Another sign the Irish dodged a bullet is the state of the Church of England. If the Archbishop of Canterbury is worried that the biased BBC is snubbing Christians he shouldn't have let his church become so irrelevant. Just saying.

Oh- and I still haven't gotten a response from Anonymous. I did get a response from someone who found Anonymous' comment absurd, though.

" .. judge not lest ye be judged .."
Exactly my point. The Left's most
effective tactic.

Oh, preach it, brother! If I had a dime for every time someone used some sanctimonious claptrap to defend their shaky ground, I'd be quite the social butterfly encrusted with rubies, I would.

On Kenney's "multiculturalism" later.


Anonymous said...

Did the Nuremburg trials take as long as it has the Khmer Rouge?

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

The Nuremburg trials (if my memory of history serves me well) occurred shortly after the war. Part of the problem with the Khmer Rouge was that the "accused" disappeared. If a world organisation can airlift Pablum but can't even try to locate the guilty parties, what the hell do we need them for? Pol Pot escaped justice on this earth but I'm sure he's getting it in a rather arid place below.