Thursday, November 08, 2012

I've Got Mail!

By gar, it's been a while!

A concerned citizen from Montreal wrote:

You're insane.

This pertained to my most recent post.

Allow me to retort:

As your comment was rather vague, I shall touch on each topic of my last post in varying degrees of length.

Sarah Palin: what a sweetheart. What a trooper. A true citizen of her country, one she clearly loves so well. One must admire the patriotism.

Nothing insane there.

The emotionally backward left, their view of the world and how one must respond to them: living in a perpetual state of irrational fear is insane. How did Obama and his cabal characterise their opponents?As women-hating, money-grubbing racists who would reduce the country to dust. Consider that Obama, who grew up in affluence, attended churches led by racist pastors, was schooled by radical leftist activists and led a divisive campaign, had NOTHING to show for his four years in office. At least nothing positive. The legacy of Obama is sixteen trillion dollars in debt, twenty-three million unemployed Americans and a disastrous foreign policy, and that's just the start. He is arrogant, dismissive, lost without a teleprompter and terribly bourgeois. I mean- who attends fundraisers with $300 bottles of champagne on the bar when Americans are on food stamps? Was that Romney? Not even close. THAT was Obama's record. So what do you do when your record shows you to be a total putz and a complete jackhole? You smear your opponent! For the leftist, it's not hard to imagine anyone who isn't them is a soulless monster. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. If one truly believes that candidate X will put a bar code on the back of one's neck because his view of marriage is largely a traditional one, THAT is insane. It must be countered, even if the leftist would rather be deaf to that debate.

Remembrance Day: soldiers did not risk their lives and die so that we may forget.

The Middle East: very troubling things happening with Islamist groups.

Alright, so what about that is insane? The topics themselves or that someone would comment on them?

I await your reply, concerned citizen of Montreal.

Thanks for posting.

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Anonymous said...

You're still insane.