Monday, November 12, 2012

Where and When

There has been a lot of talk about who voted for whom and who do not reach out to whom and so on.

This has led to suggestions that Republicans should “reach out” to immigrants and develop more lax policies.

Then there is the favourite emotionalist and paranoid canard of “racism”.

The facts, of course, don’t bear any of these charges up.

The demographic breakdown of this election shows the following voted for Obama (not adjusted for possible fraud): 55% (women), 93% (blacks), 71% (Hispanics), 73% (Asians) and 60% (18-29 year olds). The charts also indicate that the preceding groups did vote for Romney is some measure and the older or more successful the voter was, the more likely he or she voted for Romney. This map shows how many areas voted for either Obama or Romney. The map below shows which states went to Romney (red) and which ones went to Obama (blue). The states that went to Romney have large black populations and though a chunk of the Hispanic vote went to Obama, the blue states (the few that there are) are filled with white liberal voters and unions that benefitted from government bail-outs. Running a divisive campaign in order to nab select voters will put the heat on Obama to deliver. Hispanic voters now expect Obama to grant amnestyto illegal immigrants. Some votes can be bought.

The second map is one trotted out by a leftist seeing conspiracies and coincidences where none exist. It was Republican president Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves whose descendants now enjoy the right to vote, especially in states that usually go in one political direction. Logic fail, as one might say.

If certain votes went to Obama, why? Black voters, by and large, went to Obama for obvious reasons even though he has been completely apathetic (if not antipathetic) to their plight. The Hispanic vote was bought with promises for amnesty. Voters in the 18 to 29 age group tended to vote for Obama whereas their older counterparts turned to Romney. The reason for this is because voters in the former age group are less likely to be established in careers or in a higher tax bracket than the latter. The Obama victory does not mean employment for black or young voters and amnesty for illegal immigrants or their children and may strike many citizens as unfair. What could the Republican side have offered any of these groups that had not been made apparent during the campaign? Unemployment is still high for young and black voters, especially now with the spate of layoffs now occurring due the high costs of Obamacare. The corporate tax in the US is higher than even in Canada. How will enterprising voters of any age or racial group start or maintain a business?

The election, I think, was about the economy which is now headed off the fiscal cliff. If, in the past four years Obama could not even pass a budget, how will he fix a shattered economy with climbing debt, taxes and possibly inflation? How would pandering to any voter group change the seriousness of what faces the American people and why did they not see it?

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