Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Post

Quickly now....

Don't forget- Obama claimed he was in the situation room watching the Benghazi attack unfold which meant he could have intervened by sending a response team or order a gun ship or drone strike. He did not do so nor did anyone respond to the previous requests for help. Also, he blamed the attack on a Youtube video for two weeks but then doubled-down on that lie by saying he met with Leon Panetta and Biden during the actual attack. He went to Las Vegas for a fundraiser right after watching four men die. Something to think about instead of the disgraceful Petraeus affair.

What are the odds that if this "brave" individual knew he would get an almighty pummelling and a huge fine, he would never have defaced a monument honouring our Greatest Generation?

Gee, I wonder who could have written that?

For the record, chicken-crap defacer, better men than you will ever be are the reason why you are now living off of Canada's largesse.

(Courtesy of BCF)

More "brave" individuals: the Tinfoil Hat Brigade, a jihadist leader wants the Sphinx gone, and attacks on Hindu women.

(two paws up)

If you are in the mood to read a rant about FEMA's incompetence, you're in luck.

(thank you)

And now, a dog shows us how to honour our soldiers.

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