Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Post

There's always something going on...

Prime Minister Stephen Harper to vote no for Palestinian statehood:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has confirmed that Canada will vote against a motion to confer statehood on Palestine in a vote set for Thursday at the United Nations.

Harper says Canada favours a two-state solution in the Middle East which requires the Palestinian authority to return to the bargaining table for talks with Israel.

The prime minister says his government will not support any "shortcut," such as giving the Palestinians a declaration of statehood in advance of negotiations.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird is travelling to the UN in New York on Thursday to personally cast Canada's vote against the motion.

I do not believe that by giving them a state that it will ease whatever self-inflicted troubles they have, nor will it raise their status in the eyes of the Arab/Iranian Islamist interests in the region It may even be worse for the latter as a functioning Palestinian state will give them no leverage for whatever they want.

Before Obama finishes with Susan Rice and throws her under the bus, remember that a Youtube video was blamed for the attack in Benghazi that cost the lives of four Americans (possibly to hide a gun-running scheme). The Youtube video was the official narrative of the Obama administration for two weeks before it was pointed out that the attack was a deliberate one (one of al Qaeda terrorism, actually). I know the default position for Obama defenders and leftists of all stripes is to cry racism but when you insist for two weeks that some obscure video is the reason why four Americans are dead (that's J. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods), someone IS going to call you on it later.

After being rude, insolent, patronising, vile and vicious, Obama has invited former presidential candidate Mitt Romney over for lunch so that HE may give his ideas on how not to ruin the country:

President Obama will meet privately with former Republican rival Mitt Romney at the White House Thursday, their first meeting since the election, the White House announced Tuesday.

The president and the former GOP nominee will meet for lunch in the private dining room, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced in a written statement.

Calling it now, Obama will NEVER allow a functioning America or Canada to exist, not while there is something he can do about it. He will claim, as he did during the election, that he tried.

If you had any fears about Big Oil, let this clarify things for you.

Statistics Canada confirms that 491 babies were left to die after a neither legal nor illegal procedure was performed:

Pro-life advocates are calling for a federal investigation after Canada’s official statistics agency has confirmed that 491 babies died after they were born alive during abortions between 2000 and 2009.

Statistics Canada confirmed the information in an e-mail to LifeSiteNews Tuesday. Pro-life blogger Patricia Maloney first discovered the data about the abortions in the federal agency’s online database

There is that slippery slope no one wants to mention.

I was saying something about this:

FOX News’ Todd Starnes reports that the school has reversed their original decision to prohibit the club from using the word “Christmas”:

“It’s a misunderstanding based on a legitimate mistake we made,” Atticus Simpson, vice president of student development at Western Piedmont Community College, told FOX News.

She added that the college “thought we were violating the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment by promoting the sale of Christmas trees — which we thought would be promoting one religion over another.”

The school has since restored the original wording to the group's event.

Oh, I'm sure it was a misunderstanding.

I want these stockings for Christmas.

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