Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Meaning of Christmas

Is Christmas about presents and turkey?

Or is about Mr. Incredible fighting Glow-In-the-Dark Dino?

be the judge.


Anonymous said...

Not so sure as to the nature of the questions posted? Four in all? Christmas - "TURKEY AND PRESENTS?" or about "Mr.Incredible fighting Glow-in -the Dark Dino?"
Neither of the above really, but you knew that,did you not?

Thanksgiving turkey is just over for Americans; and 'presents' of all kinds - material and spiritual may soon abound among us, and from us, and from others of goodwill towards others, especially in the poor and disadvantaged among us.

It is never about presents and turkey, although an element of that does reside. With regards to "Mr.Incredible fighting Glow-In the-Dark Dino"? - I'm truly at a loss. I do believe that I try to be current, and up-to-date these days.
I take it you are referring to the Walt Disney character/toy in the action figure Mr.Incredible currently available at $15.50 US?
And "Dino" the Dinosaur and its related items and accessories.

So taking this as a challenge, I respond by saying that your question(s) are miss leading and lack a more clarity of thought and process which we are accustomed to expect from your Dear Monica.

Presents of all kinds abound and we will fight off that turkey Christmas dinner; and therefore we might need Mr.Incredible fighting Glow-In-the-Dark to banish the demons and ill-will that also abound this time of year among some places, and peoples.

I will offer presents this year - the spiritual ones of course; and I will eat cold turkey over and over again. Asking my modern day hero Mr.Incredible ( St.Michael), fighting off Glow- In-the Dark Dino (Satan). Thanks for posting the war of the wills;and all things holy and sacred as fight off the material side of this our Advent and coming Christmas 2008 - not to mention what awaits us in 2009 - God willing, as us all able.

Shalom, Father Christopher+

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Well- the question was meant as a joke. Everyone knows that Mr. Incredible would win.
As for the spiritual gifts, if people could divorce themselves from the meaningless trifles and utterly useless junk they think they should buy for others and read and re-read Luke 2:8-20, things would be much happier and far more clear.
Just some thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate the dino! Anyone who can come back from extinction can't be all that easy to vanquish.