Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Whole Bowlful of Crazy

Sometimes I wonder if human beings are the keystone species of the cosmos and below are a few very good reasons why I would doubt that we are.

The anti-Proposition bullies, when not threatening people or shouting out racist epithets, are planning on not showing up for work. "Calling in Gay" is supposed to be the grassroots action that will shake up entire cities. I don't think so. Nothing says to an employer in a shaky economy that someone is a dispensable, easily irritated and unreliable loafer like calling in "gay". It's like saying: "Fire me. I hate getting paid for the three hours of work I actually do."

The childishness will never cease. Anti-Proposition 8 "activists" couldn't persuade voters before the election. Their attempts at persuasion now are invasive, if not tiresome, unoriginal and would be wholly inflammatory if they had intestinal fortitude to cheese off people who would really give them the third degree. As the latter would never happen, all we get is the dregs. Remember when street theatre was entertaining? I don't, either.

No matter how many times someone says it or how many times common sense appeals to the cerebral cortex for sanity, some idiots still believe the utterly ridiculous. Some believe the September 11th attacks were orchestrated by someone other than bin Laden, some people believe in aliens and some people believe that Trig Palin is not Sarah Palin's natural son. Only a lone voice in the liberal media has the courage to say: "Oh give it up, already!" This appalling and outrageously absurd conspiracy theory just smacks of misogyny and complete idiocy.

A corrupt politician. Surprise, surprise.

Everyone wanted Stephane Dion gone and Bob "Rae Days" Rae has refused the baton. It is now up to Michael Ignatieff to helm the sinking Liberal ship, the HMS Leaky Boat. Good luck.*

* (By "luck", I meant riddance.)

Will it ever end?

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