Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Answer

This is probably as good as it gets from Mr. Chicken-Liver Brave Man:

 I dont have a voice in Iran, nor a vote and I cannot effect any change there. Nor can I communicate with the vast majority of its citizens. So I'll start at home.

Really, this is the most bizarre, irrelevant, and deliberate derailing argument I've ever seen. What the hell is it even supposed to achieve?

Every time I criticize your beliefs or values you spin it around to be about Iran. Really?

Cop-out much?

The Iranians have no voice in Iran. Ahmadinejad has seen to that. There are things one can do in the West, however. That, however, is beside the point. He was asked to criticise Islam. He is awfully fond of attacking other institutions he knows will never target him or cause him hardship. He can't even follow the basic rules of English grammar and capitalise a proper noun.

Really sad.

Everyone draw muhammad day was a pretty big success last year. I know you like to think everyone ignores Islam in favour of attacking precious christianity, but it's really not true.


Anonymous said...

There is something just transparently wrong with the fact that Ahmadinejad was allowed to speak at Columbia University in NYC, arguably the heartland of the American Jewish community, while Benjamin Netanyahu's speaking engagement at Concordia University in Montreal had to be cancelled a few years back (due to few lawless Muslim immigrants). This continent in general must wake up, but especially this country. Start "looking after your home" by keeping the door locked.


Osumashi Kinyobe said...

We let it happen. Instead of standing up for ourselves, we let idiots and bullies take over.