Monday, January 17, 2011

If This Is Monday, Where Did the Week-End Go?

Perhaps away from the snow in a post-global warming world. Or a post-"Marshmallow World". Just enjoy the song.

Harmonise vaccines across Canada:

The Canadian Paediatric Society has reiterated its call for Canada to institute a harmonized immunization program that would avoid potential errors in vaccine delivery as some families move between provinces.

Forgive my ignorance, but isn't that what medical records are for?

The best way to get funding is to make the killers pay for it themselves:

The federal government is urging more community groups to come forward to help combat honour killings. Status of Women Minister Rona Ambrose, pictured, first called for a pitch from organizations for projects targeting this type of violence in July. Just over $2-million was set aside to fund initiatives, and so far about $800,000 has been allocated to three projects in the Greater Toronto Area aimed at empowering women, particularly immigrants, to learn about their rights and to speak out against abuse.

Aahhh, multiculturalism... It works on so many levels.

Class in Sudan:

South Sudan's president urged his people to forgive the Muslim north for a devastating 1983-2005 war, as partial results trickling in on Sunday from a landmark vote showed a landslide for secession. 

In his first public pronouncement since the referendum wrapped up in the mainly Christian region on Saturday, President Salva Kiir joined thousands of faithful in giving thanks for the week-long independence vote and praying for their nation-in waiting. 

Speaking from the pulpit of Saint Theresa Roman Catholic cathedral in the regional capital Juba, Kiir said: "For our deceased brothers and sisters, particularly those who have fallen during the time of struggle, may God bless them with eternal peace. 

"And may we, like Jesus Christ on the cross, forgive those who have forcefully caused their deaths."
An estimated two million people died in the 22-year civil war, the latest round in five decades of conflict between the south and the mainly Arab north that has blighted Africa's largest nation.

Beats "Death to those who insult Islam" any day.

North Korean burger joint? Not buying it.

Where toilet humour is welcome.

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