Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Challenge

Some people open their mouths because they are able:

Everyone draw muhammad day was a pretty big success last year. I know you like to think everyone ignores Islam in favour of attacking precious christianity, but it's really not true. 

Apparently, he doesn't read the newspapers because, if he did, he would know about the attacks in Egypt, Iraq and the Philippines,  as well as the property grabs in Lebanon. Try as Iran might, North Korea has it beat on the persecution of Christians (not Islamic, I know).

So, "brave" pundit, I am throwing down the gauntlet. In the face of indisputable facts, where is your criticism of these appalling abuses? Where is the criticism of Islam? What should the world do about North Korea? Do you have any photographs of yourself in front of the Iranian consulate waving an angry-worded placard?

I dare you to speak against these things. Dare. If you do, I will print it here.

Come on. Where is your courage?


Anonymous said...

Ask him the whereabouts of the cartoonist instigator who came up with the idea.She has had to flee into hiding and give up her livlihood at the insistance of the FBI whho told her that they had credible sources indicating she was to be murdered for "blasphemy".The FBI also refused to protect her,an American Citizen from those foreign elements coming to kill her.

I saw the same comment that reiterates the tired old lie of Christianity and Islam being treated the same way in the Western World.
As a Catholic I pray for those who blaspheme against Christ;I nor all of devout Christians would kill anyone for blasphemy as it is against our FAITH.See the difference?

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Where is Mr. Bravery? Why isn't he speaking against this organised religion? Where is his courage? Does he not care that a cartoonist was scared off?

Gordon said...

Hit n' run.Typical.They can say the most untrue and distorted things and never provide an ounce of credible non-anecdotal evidence to their pathetic assertions.Reminds me of someone who is to be kind mentally confused on another Blog.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

I want to see some intestinal fortitude. He doesn't mind attacking everyone else.