Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mid-Week Post

Because it is the middle of the week.

Sarah Palin has a whole bunch of comic books about her. I called it. Sarah Palin derives her power from the yellow sun and has an adamantium exo-skeleton and we all know it!

Also, she has an entire month dedicated to her.

Somewhat related: Ezra Levant, Mrs. Palin's Wonder Twinreminds us how good it is to not have Chretien running things into the ground:

Can Emirates Airlines even really be called a company, if it's 100% owned by a foreign dictatorship, doesn't pay taxes, gets a free, state of the art airport built by near-slave labour, etc., etc.? And today the great moral exemplar, Jean Chretien, took its side against Canada. From pepper-spraying Canadians protesting against Suharto at the APEC conference, to shilling for China, to this, is there a world dictator Chretien won't support?

I've had enough of affluent Liberals lying and stealing from me and no election will make me feel differently.

So goes Tunisia, so goes Egypt.

Bankruptcy has never looked so fabulous. (hat tip: BCF)

It's not quite Godzilla but....

Animal services officers often get calls reporting "huge," monstrous reptiles, only to arrive and find an itty-bitty garden snake.

The 5-foot Monitor lizard wandering around a condo complex in the city of Riverside was way bigger than animal control officer Jenny Selter could have imagined.

"She said she saw it and almost jumped back in her truck," said John Welsh, spokesman for Riverside County Animal Services. "The residents were freaking out because here's the Godzilla-like creature walking down the sidewalk."

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