Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Post

Starting with the paranoia which inevitably follows a shooting.

How can anyone with a brain stem automatically jump to absurd conclusions? How many things has one read which caused ire, annoyance or even piqued one's interest? Was there ever a gun involved? Of course not. As much as we muddle though a culture of self-absorption and often apathy, only the obviously looney ever resort to obtaining a gun and shooting people. And it's always the guy one knew would go off on a shooting spree some day. Desperate to absolve oneself from not giving a much-needed heads-up, the guilty acquaintance of this looney shuffles his foot into the dirt and acknowledges what a disturbed loner this deranged person was.

Then cue the politicians and other wags who think gun control, finger-pointing and tighter reins on free expression would have prevented this tragedy. Nope. Nice try in shutting up the electorate, though.

It is times like this when people really need to take a step back and actually examine the situation. A grassroots political action group is no more responsible for the events in Arizona that the Copts or the Pope are for angering the perpetually angry bearded masses whose idea of a nice barbecue is two parked cars in Paris, a Molotov cocktail and a side of naan bread.

(Sidebar: I would like to stress how naan bread is a delicious accompaniment to a curry and nothing more. In fact, it might even bridge the chasms we often have in our society.)

I'd ask where the parents are but is that what we need when we are dealing with larger-sized people (not necessarily adults because adults don't run amok every time something goes wrong)?

In equally sad news, Major Richard Winters of "Band of Brothers" has passed away. Thus, a hero leaves us.

South Korea and Japan join forces. With their powers combined, they are....  I don't know, actually, but hopefully this will cool things on the Korean Peninsula.

Sudan goes to the polls.

I would rather not go to the polls.

I thought schools were meant to prepare students for adulthood, not give purpose to sad, little special-interest groups who want their way all the time?

How are we to have an informed discussion on Curious George when things like this pop up? Enough with the paranoia already!

WARNING: this picture will no doubt cause violence everywhere.

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