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Carbon Is Just ONE of the Most Common Elements in the Universe


Did we double-check prospective university applicants BEFORE they started classes? Yes? No?

It all starts in the early years:

Is this creature capable of exposing shocking internet illiteracy?

Donald Leu, a researcher from the University of Connecticut, conducted a U.S. Department of Education-funded study of internet literacy among so-called “digital natives,” fabricating the tree octopus to test students’ ability to evaluate information they find on the internet.

Researchers asked students to find out information about the endangered Pacific Northwest tree octopus. Students had no problem locating a Web site dedicated to the cause,  “but insisted on the existence of the made-up story, even after researchers explained the information on the website was completely fabricated,” according to a press release.

And you wonder why people believe things like the world will come to an end in 2012 or just about anything they read about Sarah Palin (first obligatory reference). We've devolved morally AND academically. Yes, there are parents and teachers who help mould the minds of children with hard work, dedication and the best materials they can get their hands on. There is also any number of people out there for whom higher brain functions serve as a burden which is why they are not exercised. From that to tree octopus, it's not much of a leap.

Second obligatory Sarah Palin reference: First Lady Michelle Obama pitches her anti-obesity program:

First Lady Michelle Obama, meeting reporters on the eve of the first-year anniversary of her "Let's Move" anti-obesity campaign, found herself talking about more than diet and exercise.

She addressed smoking (she's "very proud" the president quit almost a year ago), choosing her wardrobe (she buys dresses, not designers) and keeping her marriage strong (lots of laughing helps).

's campaign aims to end childhood obesity within a generation. About one-third of children are overweight or obese.

She was asked about criticism from
Sarah Palin, who said the first lady didn't want people to eat dessert. Obama would not speak directly to Palin's charge, but said the vast majority of people understand that childhood obesity is a "real issue" and that parents, teachers and pediatricians are "grateful that we're having this conversation."

When asked if the menu for the
White House Super Bowl party, featuring kielbasa, bratwurst, deep-dish pizza and cheeseburgers, sent the wrong message, she noted that salads also were served and that achieving "balance" is what's important.

Oh, isn't that cute? She's flirting with the press. Again.

Here is what Sarah Palin actually said:

During an episode of her reality show, the once (and future?) candidate cooked up a mess of hot s’mores and a side of even hotter politics, declaring: “This is in honor of Michelle Obama, who said the other day we should not have dessert.”

(See the video at the 2:30 mark. Watch for something touching about Trig at the 1:20 mark.)

Here is what Michelle Obama said:

We can’t just leave it up the parents.”

Michelle Obama's "popcorn and beer" moment. 

Tree octopus to this.  Five minutes of intellectual effort.

For your reading pleasure,  fifty-seven states. Guess who said that one.

From Sarah Palin to her Wonder Twin, Ezra Levant:

This is an uncomfortable subject for liberals. Equality of men and women is an essential western principle. Acceptance of gay rights is the new liberal litmus test. Teaching historical facts in the face of religious faith is the foundation of secular enlightenment.
But many liberals don't confront bigotry when it arrives in the form of an immigrant, non-Christian visible minority.
Here's a tip for politically correct liberals wondering how to respond to sexist, anti-gay, anti-Semitic demands from new Canadians: Pretend they're old white Christian men.
If the Pope demanded public schools shut down music classes or boys and girls be segregated, you can imagine the outrage. We're well trained in the phrase "separation of church and state."
Well, how about separation of mosque and state? How about promoting Canadian values?
Well, he does have a point:

My position is this: Yes, it’s important that Quebec remain a predominantly French-language society. And ideally, everyone in Quebec should be able to speak French. But we should not try to reach this goal by restricting people’s rights and freedom of choice.

French will survive if Quebecers cherish it and want to preserve it; it will flourish if Quebec becomes a freer, more dynamic and prosperous society; it will thrive if we make it an attractive language that newcomers want to learn and use. Not by imposing it and by preventing people from making their own decisions in matters that concern their personal lives.

Francophones are their own worst enemy. Push and someone will push back. Also, know your numbers.

Doctors should also heavily reference Kermit Gosnell, too.

Some North Korean news: Israel gives refugee status to a North Korean couple; the North Korea-Hosni Mubarak connection; is someone defacing pictures of the Kims? (hat tip: OFK)

The Palestinians will use even the birthplace of Christ to get what they want. It's too bad they won't protect it or the people who believe in it.

Even dogs understand the need for blessings.

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