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Monday Is a New Day

...for some.

Obligatory Sarah Palin mention- Mrs. Palin honours Ronald Reagan and warns of "ruin":

"This is dangerous. This is insane," she said. "This is not the road to national greatness, it is the road to ruin."

Revisiting themes familiar from her 2008 campaign, she said the U.S. was being shackled by high debt and taxes, dense government regulation and rising spending, often for programs that don't work. She said a rush toward green energy was overlooking the nation's oil and natural gas reserves, a choice that will cost jobs and drive up pump prices.

And now, the witty rejoinders of "Sarah Palin is stoopid, LOL" from people not even clever enough to use Spell Check.

You know it's bad when people that mentally dull are considered to be among the politically savvy. This is why I pray that Mrs. Palin does ascend to the highest office in the land. Watching moron-bots' heads explode... money can't buy that kind of entertainment. It just can't.

Hhmmm... what else is in the news?

What do you do when a grassroots organisation catches you in the act of being an accomplice? Tell the FBI, that's what!

In what may be an orchestrated hoax targeting Planned Parenthood, at least 11 of the abortion provider's health centers were, in a one-week span, visited by men who implied they ran interstate sex trafficking rings involving teenagers and undocumented immigrants.

Planned Parenthood reported the incidents to the FBI, and its president Cecile Richards wrote to US Attorney General Eric Holder detailing the visits and outlining possible sex trafficking-related crimes that may have been committed.

The biggest reaction from some naysayers isn't one of disgust but one of outright denial and outrage that a multi-billion dollar industry was caught (again) skirting laws which protect minors from abuse. Where is the shock that this is happening (check the videos out yourselves)? Doesn't anyone want to get to the bottom of it? Or is anger over abuse only reserved for people who aren't Planned Parenthood or Roman Polanski?

Check out this pantload of a reaction:

Welcome to the brave new media world, where national organisations doing public good can be brought down by one lying punk with a video camera and a bunch of amoral cowards who wrap themselves in proclamations of speaking "The Truth" while ecstatically kicking real truth to the curb. Without wanting to imply the historical context, let me quote Max Liebermann: "Ich kann gar nicht so viel fressen wie ich kotzen möchte." 

One might say that was pure kotzen.

As was said before, Planned Parenthood is a multi-billion dollar industry (not at all a charity) caught several times advising and attempting to hide abuse and trafficking. The first response from a real person to questions about hiding sexual abuse shouldn't be the best way to do it but a call to the authorities. Complaining about being caught to the FBI isn't an act of civic responsibility; it's creepy cowardice and backside covering.

Oh dear...

A 14-year-old Bangladeshi girl allegedly raped by a much older cousin has died after being publicly flogged for adultery, media reports said.

Hena Begum was sentenced to receive 100 lashes by a village council made up of elders and Muslim clerics in the district of Shariatpur, about 35 miles from the capital, Dhaka, the BBC said today.

She endured about 80 lashes before collapsing Monday, according to The Daily Star, a Bangladeshi newspaper. Her family took her to a hospital, where she died.

"What sort of justice is this? My daughter has been beaten to death in the name of justice. If it had been a proper court then my daughter would not have died," Dorbesh Khan, the girl's father, told the BBC.

Family members said Hena was raped by a 40-year-old married cousin, The Daily Star said. The man's family beat up the teen, then accused of her adultery, the newspaper said.

The very next day, she was sentenced to the flogging in a fatwa, or religious ruling, issued by the village council under Islamic Shariah law, the BBC said.

Her father was also told pay a fine of about $700, police told the BBC.

Four people, including a Muslim cleric, have been arrested in connection with Hena's death, the BBC said. Police said they were looking for another 14 people in the case.

This is just one more case of a backward tribal way of life. When is someone going to be so sick of what is going on before something is done about it?

Related: aid worker to be hanged after converting to Christianity:

An Afghan physiotherapist will be executed within three days for converting to Christianity.

Said Musa, 45, has been held for eight months in a Kabul prison were he claims he has been tortured and sexually abused by inmates and guards.

Mr Musa, who lost his left leg in a landmine explosion in the 1990s, has worked for the Red Cross for 15 years and helps to treat fellow amputees.

He was arrested in May last year as he attempted to seek asylum at the German embassy following a crackdown on Christians within Afghanistan.

He claims he was visited by a judge who told him he would be hanged within days unless he converted back to Islam.

But he remains defiant and said he would be willing to die for his faith.

He told the Sunday Times: 'My body is theirs to do what they want with.

'Only God can decide if my spirit goes to hell.'

Defence lawyers have refused to represent him, while others have dropped the case after receiving death threats.

 Mr Musa was arrested after a TV station showed western men baptising Afghans during secret ceremonies.


“I mean sermons about Afghanistan, about Iraq, about Kashmir, about suicide bombing and chaos in the Muslim world. As a project I visited mosques in each corner of the city and in lectures, statements and sermons at Sunni mosques from Stouffville to Toronto, imams are preaching about how Muslims all over the world are being attacked by non-Muslims and they are justifying the violence by Muslims against NATO and everyone else,” he said. “I’m scared to take my children to the mosque. So I don’t.”

Another audience member who wished to remain anonymous said he has stopped going to mosques in Toronto altogether.

“I used to go to the downtown mosque [at Dundas and Bay] but I don’t anymore,” he said. “I didn’t like the political discussions, they were divisive. I saw no indication of interest in promoting integration into Canadian society. It was always about how different we are, how Muslims should live in Canada. There were political undertones of why some of the international events were happening and how we should feel about them.”

Will this result in a schism? Is this discomfort a product of assimilation or acclimatisation? The Trudeau-style multiculturalism never attempted to resolve differences in culture, nor did ever wish promote unity through similar ideals and values. Far from it. The above article is just an example of how divisive the policy truly is and why it is necessary to promote a workable national culture, one that does not hold all cultures, values and morals as the same but one in which discernment is key. How can whipping a teen-ager for being assaulted or sermons demonising one's own countrymen be on par with women's rights or tolerance?

Related: when multiculturalism and total meanness collide:

Charges have been laid against a downtown restaurant and its owner for denying access to a blind woman.

Although the owner of the Dunlop Street establishment believes it is a misunderstanding, many believe it’s a lack of understanding about the Blind Persons' Rights Act that is to blame.

Barrie police say the woman alleges she was refused service at a downtown restaurant last July because the waiter did not want her to bring her service dog into the restaurant.

How is this a fine example of a multicultural mosaic?

Don't believe me?

A dozen Muslim families who recently arrived in Canada have told Winnipeg’s Louis Riel School Division that they want their children excused from compulsory elementary school music and coed physical education programs for religious and cultural reasons.

“This is one of our realities in Manitoba now, as a result of immigration,” said superintendent Terry Borys. “We were faced with some families who were really adamant about this. Music was not part of the cultural reality.”

Borys said the school division has alerted Education Minister Nancy Allan about the situation since music and phys-ed are compulsory in the province’s elementary schools.

There have been no issues so far with children of middle-school or high-school age, he said.

The families accept physical education, as long as the boys and girls have separate classes, but do not want their children exposed to singing or the playing musical instruments, Borys said. The division has suggested they could instead do a writing project to satisfy the music requirements of the arts curriculum.

However, a local Muslim leader says there is no reason for young kids to be held out of music or phys-ed classes based on religious and cultural grounds.

“Who is advising them? My first concern would be who are these new immigrants talking to?” said Shahina Siddiqui, executive director of the Islamic Social Services. “This is the first time I am hearing this; I’m not very happy about it.”

Siddiqui said there is no problem with elementary-school children taking coed phys-ed, at least “not with little kids under the age of puberty.”

She said when some middle-school and high-school students have asked not to mix genders, they have been accommodated by schools.

Who is worse- the people who bring with them the backward ideas that destroyed their former countries of the yahoos who allow it?

I promise to be mature about this next article.

No, I won't!

(insert raspberry sound here)

A group of academics has launched a campaign defending Canadian Christian universities against what it terms anti-religious bullying by the country’s leading university teachers’ federation.

“What we have here is an academic union ganging up on these smaller Christian universities and I thought it was high time that people from the public universities take a stand,” said Paul Allen, an associate professor of theology at Concordia University in Montreal.

The protest is a direct response to reports that the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) issued against Trinity Western University in British Columbia more than a year ago, Crandall University in New Brunswick in July and Winnipeg’s Canadian Mennonite University in October.

“It bothered me that this is anti-religious ideology masked as supposedly an academic freedom issue,” said Mr. Allen, who started a petition to warn about CAUT’s actions. “This was an opportunity in the current [secular climate] to go after religion. Some of the most famous universities in the United States and in Europe have faith basis in their constitutions and no one would think to sneer those schools.”

Perhaps the complainants wish to air "Iranium" and see how that works out for them.

Is there a Chatty Cathy at your office? Maybe this might help.

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