Thursday, February 17, 2011

Red Pill or Blue Pill?

The world is a stupid place.

At least- some of those in the world are stupid.

Or crazy.

Whichever pill they took- either one which makes them crazy or one which makes them stupid- they washed it down and now they opened their mouths and removed all doubt that the cylinders might be there but none of them are firing.

Here is a list in no particular order because I couldn't decide whether I should class them by type, country or how dim-witted they are.

Enjoy, and remember- this person with no control over the words that escape their mouths could be near you. Use caution as that person might not have motor control, either.

Obama is charging an entrance fee:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says there are better ways for Americans to raise money than to charge Canadians to get into their country.

U.S. President Barack Obama wants to charge Canadians entering the U.S. by air or sea a $5.50 inspection fee, although private vehicles would be exempt.

"They're running deficits down there well over a trillion dollars a year," Harper said Thursday. "Some 40 per cent plus of the American spending is financed by borrowing. These are enormously challenging figures."
But Harper says the inspection fee is not a ''useful'' way to raise revenue.

"We want to ensure that trade and travel is easier, not more difficult, and we don't need additional taxes on that kind of economic activity," said Harper.

Harper has it right: Obama messed up the economy and now is siphoning money wherever he can. Obama seems to be adept at not only wasting money but alienating his neighbour.

Who asked Michelle Obama anything?

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told a group New York businessmen Thursday that it isn’t surprising that first lady Michelle Obama is encouraging mothers to breastfeed.

“No wonder Michelle Obama is telling people to breast feed their babies, because the price of milk is rising so high,” Palin told the crowd.

Many people idiots will see this as an opportunity to attack Mrs. Palin as their synapses work only one way but what they should really be asking is why Michelle Obama is intruding in what is a personal family matter. Maybe mothers of infants and their physicians should determine what is best, not some vain, nosy tart or the rising prices in food.

If Saint Francis de Sales says something, you should probably listen because he is a saint and you think "LOL" is a perfectly pithy rebuttal. Yes, yes, all the juvenile Dungeons and Dragons players might have had a chuckle at a crudity they couldn't even begin to fathom themselves what Saint Francis meant was that if we aimed for higher things instead of coating our fingers with cheesy puffs we might be better people.

Watch as this guy proves what an idiot he is without the help of the Zionist war machine or whoever it is he thinks is after him:

The media has been portraying the recent conflicts in Indonesia as if they were instigated by Muslims. Why Muslims in Indonesia went violent was left unanswered, as if Muslims are mindlessly violent and attack churches and Ahmadis when they have nothing better to do. Truth that the international mass media does not want you to know. Whose operators have so far been quiet about all the oppression and violence Muslims face in the West and all the violence and oppression Muslims face from puppet regimes of the West.
The mass media has forgotten its morals, its journalistic integrity and has simply become a mouthpiece for Zionist Fascism and all those aligned with the New World Order. It thus becomes incumbent upon us to bring to light the real reasons why Indonesians are tired and frustrated, and the main instigators of the present spate of violence....
The truth of the matter is as follows: In Cikeusik, it was the Ahmadiyah who instigated the incident that triggered the riot, writes our correspondent from Indonesia. He writes that there was genuine incitement by the Ahmadiya community and, while violence is always regrettable, there is a limit to what the Muslim masses will take, even the meekest and gentlest souls from Indonesia.

And in Temanggung, where apparently an angry mob of "evil Mooslaaambbs" attacked a church, apparently for no good reason other than apparently an irrational hate of another religion, it was the Christian Pastor that insulted Islam. He made violent and false accusations against Islamic teachings.

There is also a serious conspiracy element. Our correspondent writes that peculiarly, people from outside Temanggung came to the riot all prepared and in an organized manner, along with full press coverage. These men were possibly similar to the pro-Mubarak protesters in Egypt, paid and serving a very sinister purpose.  

The evangelicals and the covertly operating Western NGOs have a powerful influence in these regions. They have plots being set up to serve very specific purposes. One example of many is the operation of Malteser International, a suspected terrorist Christian organization masquerading as an NGO. Internationally renowned and respected investigative reporter, Seymour Hersh, has recently written about the secret and violent operation of the Knights of Malta. Malteser International is their NGO cover arm and apparently finds time, money and people to work in Indonesia. This secret Christian terrorist outfit that has members in the US military hierarchy is but one of many Western implants the Indonesian people are facing with patience. But you may have pushed the patience out too far. 

Oh really? Did Christian schoolgirls fall on bolos? Do churches just burn on their own? Do peaceful people normally encircle others and beat and kill them?

Maybe there are bugs on him. Or maybe it's another candy company funding the "suspected terrorist Christian organisation". Or maybe it's just a bunch of emotionally retarded thugs who attack people because they cannot tolerate anything.

Father Gravel is using the courts to launch a vendetta suing Lifesite News for printing things he said. That's embarrassing, as embarrassing as his groupies:

Defrocked for defending himself? Sheesh, you're tough! "If he didn't say those things, he'd better be prepared to prove it,..." How do you prove that you didn't say something?   

HE is not required to "prove" what he didn't say. LSN is required to prove that he did

Um, he did. And no, Father Gravel has to prove Lifesite News is at fault. See here (part D).

LSN did not criticise or demean him as a priest. They slammed and demeaned him as a PERSON. More power to him. I hope he wins!

He does not stop being a man just because he is also a priest. And he's not suing because he was being criticized. He's suing because he's being slanderd and a MAN who is also a priest. 


Let's keep in mind that the speaker is often an obnoxious, rude ("violent aggression"? Oh boy...) and patronising troll who thinks Christmas is a pagan holiday and thinks Christians wear "dead effigies" of Him around their necks when they go to their temples. Yes, temples. Had Father Gravel decided to sue, let's say, the Red Toronto Star for attacking the Church, where would the love and support for him be? Oh where?!

Then there is this:

He can have vowed whatever, the church still neither has the power nor the right to allow or disallow this lawsuit. They can excommunicate him if they like or something like that, sure. and BTW the Catholic Church is not a democracy. Obviously not. It's a totalitarian regime. They still can't stop him from suing people.

Aahh, the old "the Church is a big dictator" meme.  Always a crowd pleaser. It gets trotted out like some tired, old nag to show the rest of the world what a big bully the Church is whenever it stands up for itself.

Let me put this in more "worldly" terms. Why should you speak for your boss? What would happen if you shot your mouth off and betrayed your workplace's trust? I'd dare say a Christmas bonus is the last thing you would be getting. Yes, the Church is a hierarchy, having the people who work in it toe the line as it were. Just like any other group. Should one of its middle-management say things that are contrary to its mission statement? Try pulling that stunt at a sit-down. So shouldn't the Church prevent a total tool from falling flat on his face by taking a private organisation to court over things he said?

It goes without saying that none of these pundits would defend Father Gravel had he not been diametrically opposed to the Church and trying to embarrass himself. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

From that springboard to the next:

It is an assembly hall of the sort found in any ordinary school. Boys aged 11 and upwards sit cross-legged on the floor in straight rows. They face the front of the room and listen carefully. But this is no ordinary assembly. Holding the children’s attention is a man in Islamic dress wearing a skullcap and stroking his long dark beard as he talks.

‘You’re not like the non-Muslims out there,’ the teacher says, gesturing towards the window. ‘All that evil you see in the streets, people not wearing the hijab properly, people smoking . . . you should hate it, you should hate walking down that street.’ 

He refers to the ‘non-Muslims’ as the ‘Kuffar’, an often derogatory term that means disbeliever or infidel....
We recorded a number of speakers giving deeply disturbing talks about Jews, Christians and atheists.
We found children as young as 11 learning that Hindus have ‘no intellect’ and that they ‘drink cow p***’. 

And we came across pupils being told that the ‘disbelievers’ are ‘the worst creatures’ and that Muslims who adopt supposedly non-Muslim ways, such as shaving, dancing, listening to music and – in the case of women – removing their headscarves, would be tortured with a forked iron rod in the afterlife.


If any other school had tried this... Oh, who am I kidding? No one cares! Some people are allowed to spew garbage and mould children into spitting bigots.

Related: some people cannot see the connection between CAUT's witch hunt and Israel Apartheid Week at universities.

Question: how can someone born in 570 AD be willfully omitted from a Bible (which contains an historical figure born in 0 AD) translated in the fourth century? I bet these guys know:

Allah Almighty sent down the Torah and the Gospel, and charged the Jews and Christians with guarding them. They (however) distorted and changed them. … The Qur’an is overflowing with verses (which) reveal the reasons for the distortion and change, among which was wiping out the description of the Messenger (peace be upon him) which (the Christians and Jews) could find written in the Torah and the Gospel… [see Qur’an 4:46 and 5:41].

Did they change the timeline, too?

"Jim, I have a way of tinkering with the cosmological timeline. Ask me how."

"Accountability for thee not definitely not for me. I'm late for pilates":

When confronted with the numbers, Chief Shirley Clarke of the Glooscap First Nation admitted that while only 87 people actually live on the Reserve, she personally takes home $243,000 per year, but she said she “works hard” for that salary and that it’s “unfair” for those numbers to be made public.

The numbers revealed by the CTF show that in 2008-2009, 50 reserve politicians made more than the Prime Minister, 160 made more than their respective provincial premier, and more than 600 received the tax free equivalent of someone off the reserve who made $100,000.

Given that poverty is rampant on reserves which have an average population of 1100, there is something very wrong with the way in which the Billions of taxpayer dollars Canada gives to it’s First Nations communities each year is distributed. This comes as no surprise to anyone who has taken even a cursory look at how First Nations finances are handled by Canada, but it’s a shocking number that gives us a small glimpse at what Aboriginal accountability could do.

Yes, continue fomenting hatred of the predominantly white hand that funds you while you exploit your own people's misery. God forbid they should ever find out how corrupt you are or that they should finally support themselves leaving you in the financial lurch.

Scratch a leftist, find a misogynist jackhole who thinks rape is funny:

"Jesus Christ, at a moment when she is going to become a martyr and glorified we should at least remember her role as a major war monger" wrote Rosen.

For as much as people like to pretend Islamic societies are rife with love for their fellow man and woman, they are not. They are not considered tribal hellholes for nothing. We are shocked and appalled but so, too, should we be when we see this happen everyday and say nothing about it.

Right now, that's it. I cannot progress any further. There is too much stupidity to go around.


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I made sure to get my two cents in regarding Lifesite.

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A man being hung by his own words is just desserts, not libel.