Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Week: The Dreadening

Meowloween: Halloween but with cats.

Really, sit down for this one.

I'm serious.


It's been established that the "Occupy....." people are not NASA material. This video is just another example why that is.

Watch the video and pay attention to the fifty second mark.

Jump to the one minute-fifteen second mark.

Did you hear that?

These people are too arrogant to listen to someone who actually lived under communism. What is the point of logical discourse after seeing them roll their eyes and make the most absurd statements that only expose their incredible ignorance? Someone has to air-lift their greasy bottoms to Pyongyang today. Leave them there with a video camera stapled to their heads (we can call it idiot-cam). Watch as they shout at people who can't speak English that they don't belong there and they need their Cheez-its badly.

Perhaps those brain-trusts can explain to the blissfully ignorant masses how much the North Koreans are getting paid by Eermel, a Mongolian company that paid their wages to the Kim dynasty, or what they are paid in labour camps, or what they are paid in Russian logging camps. Maybe they would like to explain how I could dwell in South Korea for so long because I could live so well. Imagine being paid a proper wage and being able to buy food and go to Mass and form friendships with the native population. Because of the damn imperialist capitalism that I could have a job, eat and make friends!

Damn your capitalism, South Korea! Damn it all to hell!

(Muchas gracias)

"All your Tim Horton's are belong to us!"

No doubt tired of the stench and the rats, the police start clearing out the smelly hippies from "Occupy" Oakland:

Police in riot gear cleared anti-Wall Street protesters on Tuesday morning from the plaza in front of Oakland's City Hall where they had been camping for about two weeks, prompting health and safety concerns among city officials.

Seventy-five people were arrested, mostly on suspicion of misdemeanour illegal lodging, as hundreds of officers and sheriff's deputies from more than a dozen agencies went into the encampment with tear gas and beanbag rounds around 5 a.m., police said.

About 170 protesters were at the site, but no one was injured, according to police.

Television news footage showed protesters being taken away in plastic handcuffs without incident.

One of those arrested, Aiyahnna Johnson, 30, of Oakland, had been living at the camp with her 2-year-old daughter. "We want the best for you guys, that's all," she was quoted by the San Francisco Chronicle telling two officers who were leading her away....

(Sidebar: Shove it. That's not even an arrogant statement at this point but a stupid one. What kind of "mother" brings a two-year old to a rat-infested squatters' village, anyway?)

Witnesses reported seeing smoke rising from the area. The plaza was "contained" around 5:30 a.m., according to city officials, although tents and trash remained strewn there.

Police maintained a heavy presence around downtown Oakland into the morning. Streets were closed off by police barricades, and at least two helicopters were in the air shining lights down. Dozens of officers were on the streets, and police in riot gear were seen facing off with shouting protesters, who briefly blocked traffic on a busy thoroughfare.

City officials advised downtown businesses to delay opening and city employees to come in late.

Police also cleared a smaller encampment from a park near the plaza on Tuesday morning.

City officials had originally been supportive of the protesters, with Oakland Mayor Jean Quan saying that sometimes "democracy is messy."

But the city later warned the protesters that they were breaking the law and could not stay in the encampment overnight.

They cited concerns about rats, fire hazards, public urination and acts of violence at the site, which had grown to more than 150 tents and included health, child-care and kitchen areas.

There were reports of a sex assault and a severe beating and fire and paramedics were denied access to the camp, according to city officials, who said they had also received numerous complaints of intimidating and threatening behaviour.

"All we are saaaaaaaaayiiiiiingggg......"

They aren't just (alleged) murderers but they're cheap, as well:

Just after half his family was either allegedly murdered or at the least tragically dead in a bizarre accident, Mohammad Shafia was still looking for a deal.

“He was asking could he get a discount,” Robert Miller, the manager of the Kingston East Motel where some of the Shafia clan – those who weren’t dead, that is — were then staying.

“’Can’t you give me a better price?’” Mr. Miller remembered him saying, and his own reply: “No.”

Yeah, we have a problem with that, too. It's nothing independent schools or home-schooling can't solve in the interim, though.

Smelly hippies hate Jews and that is a news item. People who vote and have normal lives want abortion de-funded and... nothing. Who is the jack-wagon who decides what is news-worthy, anyway?

And now, corgis in costumes.  Enjoy.

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