Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Mid-Week Post

The week in medias res.

There should be no reason why anyone would vote back in a known liar, coward, bungler and fascist. I hope tomorrow proves me right.

A UNESCO committee backs the same people who appropriate things that aren't theirs and used the Church of the Nativity as a toilet:

Palestine won a first diplomatic victory in its quest for statehood on Wednesday when the UNESCO executive committee backed its bid to become a member of the cultural body with the rights of a state.

Palestine's Arab allies braved intense US and French diplomatic pressure to bring the motion before the committee's member states, which passed it by 40 votes in favour to four against, with 14 abstentions.

The Palestinian bid will now be submitted to the UNESCO general assembly at the end of the month for final approval, a victory for a territory already seeking recognition as a state from the United Nations Security Council.

This request, which Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas presented to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on September 23, is being studied by council members, who are expected to vote in the coming weeks.

The United States wields a veto on the Security Council, and has said it will veto any statehood bid before Palestine comes to an agreement with US ally Israel over their longstanding territorial standoff.

But no power has a veto on the UNESCO committee, and Washington's "no" vote in Paris was not enough to halt the motion. Palestinian leaders have said they are under enormous diplomatic pressure to abandon their candidacy.

Earlier in the day France, which abstained on the motion, said "it was not the time" for Palestine to pursue UNESCO backing, calling instead for a return to talks with Israel on a final peace settlement.

France has proposed a compromise measure whereby Palestine would be granted the status of an "observer state" at UN headquarters in New York.

But UNESCO membership would not only be a diplomatic feather in Palestine's cap -- it would allow it to apply to classify its monuments as World Heritage Sites at a time when the heritage of much of the Holy Land is under dispute.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced in 2010 that two Jewish holy sites in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Hebron's Cave of the Patriarchs and Bethlehem's Tomb of Rachel, are to be Israeli national monuments.

His decision angered the Palestinians, who said it risked provoking a "holy war", and it led to international criticism and street clashes in Hebron.

Muslims call the Cave of the Patriarchs the Mosque of Ibrahim, their name for the Prophet Abraham. It his revered by both Jews and Muslims and Palestine plans to submit it for UNESCO heritage status.

They also wish to submit Jesus Christ's supposed birthplace in Bethlehem, and the ancient walled city of Jericho, one of the oldest ruins known to man.

Yes, they are going to use Christianity's most sacred sites as a bidding chip even though they despise Christians. This can't be stressed enough- the UN is a useless, terrible organisation and we should withdraw today.

Insecure, insincere, smelly hippies march because they hate the capitalism that allows them to eat, sleep and be willfully stupid. Now watch one of their number abuse a senior citizen.

Standing ovation here:

There were celebrity visits from washed-up screeching beluga Rosanne Barr and the perennially aggrieved Susan Sarandon with her communist breasts. Cornel West showed up and proudly displayed his woolly hair, gleaming buckteeth, and scholarly eyeglasses. Michael Moore appeared on TV and voiced his support for the protesters, saying that some people were eating more than their fair share of the pie—and if anyone should know, it’s him....

I am definitely too stupid to understand how corporations steal anything from me. Unless they’re receiving government subsidies, I’m not forced to buy anything they produce. Not like I’m forced to pay taxes. And it’s the government, not the corporations, that claims a monopoly on violence. Only the government can throw you in jail and call it “incarceration” instead of “kidnapping.” I’ve never seen a corporation claim the exclusive right to wage war, but that’s the government’s reason for getting out of bed in the morning.

There should be no excuse for Asians' ignorance and insensitivity, especially considering the politically correct wringers everybody else must go through. No one walks into downtown Seoul or Bangkok with a flyer for Hirohito's Bar and Club serviced by guys in Japanese Imperial army uniforms and twelve year old Korean girls. Because that's just insensitive.  

Who would have thought that Samuel L. Jackson was an idiot? Not me. I mean- that guy is a theatrical powerhouse but a political lightweight. He could redeem himself by throwing his back into Herman Cain, someone who actually knows what he's talking about, unlike the last guy. Granted, Herman Cain is not Janeane Garafalo-approved but who cares what she thinks, anyway?



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