Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Week: The Final Halloweening

Why so curiousssss?

Or something like that.

Oh my God! She's coming towards us!

See.  That's what intentionally funny looks like, CBC.  (with thanks)

Professional crybabies don't like Halloween much... because it's oppressive:

The Cultural Marxists are dressed as vampires this Halloween, baring their fangs and sucking the fun out of everything again. In their inimitably dictatorial and humor-free manner, they are sternly lecturing us as to which sort of costumes are “appropriate,” “acceptable,” and “cool,” and which ones are not.

Fear not—so long as you don’t don anything that could conceivably offend a nonwhite, a non-male, or a non-hetero, all is permitted. There’s nothing offensive if you dress as a war victim with half your face blown off, a leering pedophile pope in diapers, or a mutilated corpse with fake bloody intestines hanging out of your belly—but you will be reprimanded, harassed, and eternally ostracized from polite society if you dare to wear a poncho and sombrero if you aren’t Mexican....

In every instance, I’d rather hang out with the tasteless douches in the “racist” getups than the sourpussed killjoys who are play-acting as if they’ve been stabbed in the heart.

On her blog, 24-year-old STARS president Sarah Williams approvingly quotes someone who paints “White people” with as broad a brush as Tom Sawyer was given to paint that fence:

White privilege isn’t like a knapsack…it is like a toy box. And White people will scream and cry and throw a tantrum if you so much as threaten to take away one of their toys. Racist and otherwise offensive Halloween costumes are one of the many toys that White people are used to playing with.

Williams, a political-science major who describes herself as an “Obama intern,” is following in the bold, noble, inane tradition of predecessors such as a watchdog organization that monitors “racist” costumes and a Washington City Paper scribe who in 2009 offered a helpful guide about “How to Inform a Friend Their Halloween Costume Is Racist.”

Perhaps Miss Williams would like to explain the thinking behind the pedophile cleric to a Nigerian Catholic or who even asked her opinion.

But this is Halloween. It's time to have fun, not dwell on the perpetually grieved.

Enjoy some brain cake.

What could be more frightening than cat movie posters?!

Exercise your zombie food brain with some scary poetry.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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