Saturday, October 15, 2011

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I didn't realise how many dirty, lazy hippies there are in the world.

Riots (not protests) in Rome, Lisbon, London, Edmonton, New York, and Toronto.

Don't give me this garbage that these are young, savvy, self-aware individuals with clarity of purpose and a clear plan on how to restructure the world. It should be crystal-clear by just listening to them and seeing their badly written signs and atrocious behaviour that they are fools moved by anything or leftists with the shortest fuse ever. There is nothing sincere about people who have their strings pulled or have just decided that they are angry.

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Related: Mark Steyn weighs in:

Take, for example, the complaints of the young Americans currently "occupying" Wall Street. Many protesters have told sympathetic reporters that "it's our Arab Spring." Put aside the differences between brutal totalitarian dictatorships and a republic of biennial elections, and simply consider it in economic terms: At the "Occupy" demonstrations, not-so-young college students are demanding that their tuition debt be forgiven. In Egypt, half the population lives in poverty; the country imports more wheat than any other nation on the planet, and the funds to do that will dry up in a couple months' time. They're worrying about starvation, not how to fund half a decade of Whatever Studies at Complacency U.

One sympathizes. When college tuition is $50,000 a year, you can't "work your way through college" – because, after all, an 18-year-old who can earn 50-grand a year wouldn't need to go to college, would he? Nevertheless, his situation is not the same as some guy halfway up the Nile living on $2 a day: One is a crisis of the economy, the other is a crisis of decadence. And, generally, the former are far easier to solve.

Because he's Salim Mansur:

But cultures — by definition, culture represents the shared values, beliefs and customs of a collective — are not and never have been equal.

The inherent bad faith of multiculturalism’s proponents is in obscuring the historical reality of cultures being unequal and frequently engaged in conflict.

It is absurd to argue the culture of the Huns was equal to that of the mighty Roman Empire, even in its decline.

It is equally absurd to state in our time that the culture of the Saudi Arabs — or the Taliban, or Muslims from Pakistan, Iran, Somalia etc. — is in any way equal to and deserving of equal respect as the culture of an advanced liberal democracy, such as Canada, before it was smitten by the dogma of multiculturalism.

Common sense recoils from such an absurd proposition. It takes someone with a college degree to accept silliness of this nature as higher knowledge.


We can grant that people, regardless of gender or race or belief, may be equal but to even suggest that a culture (or cultures) which actively practices and supports bigotry and inequality is the same or similar or worthy of the recognition we afford our own isn't just stupidity but suicide. One can only utter this nonsense in an environment wherein people are free to express whatever beliefs they may have and where they will not face retribution for them. I have yet to see the white liberal elite preach to the unwilling choirs in Tehran.

Get your rage on with this:

Last November, Dr. An Jong-hyok, the physician for the North Korean national soccer team, chastised a South Korean reporter for referring to Kim Jong-un without the honorific Dear Young General. 
“How would you feel if I talked impolitely to your father?” Daily Sports in South Korea quoted Dr. An as saying. “That’s exactly how I feel now. We regard Gen. Kim Jong-il and Comrade Kim Jong-un like our father.”

Except that little fattie ISN'T his father but a dictator in the making. Big difference.

Once more, proof that communism kills brain cells.

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And now, the weirdest road.

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