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The non-cliff hanger of the week.

The people have spoken. The next "Occupy..." event will be where the participants can get high.

Thanks for voting.

Is there a method behind the madness of the "occupiers".

Exhibit one:

Exhibit two:

But seriously, other than their propensity for leaving waste of all kinds in the parks, parroting leftist memes they heard just the other day and rabid anti-Semitism, there is no way these people can be taken seriously, if that, indeed, was their intent. Serious people with a cause don't just show up, blame the boogey-man-of-the-month or engage in melodramatic yet unoriginal street theatre (Zombies? Please...). What we have seen is the motley group of leftists- largely white, moneyed, presumably university educated- with the audacity to claim they speak for ninety-nine percent of the population when they shout out that the same capitalism that allowed them to have things is at fault- unless it lines or affects their wallets in anyway (it's called "redistribution" and you should be cool with it).

Here are the percentages:

In the United States,  59,355,000 people out of 211,832,000 wage earners (or 28.01984591563125 %) earn $25,000 to $49,999 (consider that these statistics include 15 year old wage earners). 38,909,000 people out of 211,832,000 of the same wage earners (or 18.36785754749046 %) earn $50,000 to $99,999. 1,321,500 people out of 211,832,000 (or 6.23843423089996 %) earn $100,000 or more.

(Sidebar: excellent leg work, El Barto.)

In Canada, the median after-tax income for a family of two or more was $63,800 in 2009 with 9.6% considered as low-income and as of the middle of this year wages increased.

Did I miss something? Where does the 99 % come in?

What of this Vietnamese immigrant?

This must be a mistake. As we all know, Vietnam is a hotbed of rampant capitalism, not a Third World country with human rights abuses. For this immigrant to be "inconvenienced" by these "occupiers" must be some sort of terrible mistake.

It isn't. If you are a self-righteous, empty-headed white liberal so possessed by the sense of his or her own arrogance, this guy doesn't even enter into the picture. He is nothing to the "occupiers" but, in truth, is the face of this absurd "occupation".  He is the victim of it. This man works to feed his family. He left a communist hell-hole and is building a new life with his own two hands. He is doing something these privileged know-nothings cannot imagine doing themselves. It takes hard work to adapt to a new country and live your life in freedom but not a lot to be selfish.

(Thanks a lot)

Somewhat related: the rotters at Occupy Baltimore are douchebags about sexual assault (among other things). Emphasis mine but the sleaze is all theirs, I assure you:

As the Security Committee of Occupy Baltimore, we release this statement to ensure the safety of our newly forming, delicate yet strong community.
Sexual abuse and assault are dehumanizing acts for the survivor as well as the abuser. It strips people of their right to safety, dignity, and respect, basic values which embody many of the intentions behind Occupy Baltimore. As a vibrant community, we recognize and give power to these values and the rights of survivors.

Sexual abuse or assault at Occupy Baltimore is in violation of our values, and will not be tolerated. It is an explicit policy of Occupy Baltimore to prohibit abuse by any members of the community upon another person. Violation of this policy will result in the abuser no longer being welcome at the occupation.

Though we do not encourage the involvement of the police in our community, the survivor has every right, and the support of Occupy Baltimore, to report the abuse to the appropriate law enforcement.

Any member of the Occupy Baltimore community who believes he/she/they have been a victim of, are aware of, or suspect a commission of sexual abuse, are encouraged to immediately report the incident to the Security Committee. T (sic)
The point person for dealing with these situations will be Koala! (sic) Largess, (443) 642-XXXX.
Survivors of Sexual Abuse will be given the support, resources, and assistance needed for their emotional and physical health.


As reported yesterday:

US police Wednesday probed a growing kidnapping horror after finding 10 children in the care of a woman accused of locking up four mentally-disabled people in a dank cellar.

"This is a very complicated case," Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said late Tuesday.

"This is a very sad story. It makes no sense. When you look at the kids, the psychological trauma is pretty apparent. It's some of the worst things I've ever experienced."

Ramsey told CNN Wednesday that 10 children aged from two to 19 had now also been taken into care, including the niece of the prime suspect Linda Weston, who was reported missing in 2009.

Criminal scum. Just scum.

What the hell?

A sumo coach was warned Wednesday by the Japan Sumo Association for beating three of his wrestlers with a golf club.

Sumo coach Kasugano visited the JSA after it was revealed he hit three of his wrestlers for ignoring his instructions to wear kimonos when going out in public.

The wrestlers were reportedly beaten in the abdomen and the back last Friday, Kyodo news agency reported. A golf iron with a broken grip was found at Kasugano's training facility.

Now for some cool stuff:

A cat stare-down.

An intact Viking ship burial site found in Scotland.

National Geographic photos taken by readers.

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