Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Impressions of the Omar Khadr Episode of The Source

Quickly now...

Dr. Michael Welner has spent over five hundred hours reviewing pertinent material, interviewing staff and actually interviewing Omar Khadr, the radical jihadist who murdered American medic Christopher Speer in 2002.

That he had seventy-three reasons why Omar Khadr should not be released, including failure to understand why he was detained, no remorse and ability to use the popular press and site the Geneva Convention at will (which a real child soldier could not do) blew my mind. That Khadr called a black American servicewoman a "slave" and a "b---h" should give everyone an idea of how Khadr - and other Islamists- see blacks and women.

The Canadian government cannot make the mistake of taking this monster back in.

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