Monday, May 28, 2012

The World Is Taking Crazy Pills (Pt. 3)

Islamism is a flavour of crazy unto itself.

Cases in point:

Seven months ago, Mossad says she was in the crowd of protesters when she was suddenly assaulted and beaten by an officer who called her an "infidel." The demonstration erupted into a horrific night of brutality in which 27 people were killed and hundreds injured in clashes between Egyptian security forces and mainly Coptic Christian demonstrators who were protesting against an attack on a church by Islamic extremists.

Yesterday at 6:20PM, as Fr. Roger Barthes began to celebrate mass, four youths, aged 14 to 18, broke into the Church of St. Joseph, before launching handfuls of pebbles at 150 faithful present at the service. Immediately, men began pursuing the young troublemakers, but in vain. They managed to vanish into thin air, heading towards the city La Conte.

Interrupted by regrettable unexpected event, Mass was finally able to proceed as planned. Although no one was injured and nothing was broken in the church, located along the Avenue Jean Moulin, the parishioners, many of whom are elderly, were greatly shocked by the disrespectful act of the youths of North African origin....

A controversy is brewing over the proposal for the construction of a Buddhist building here after the PAS-led state government ruled that new buildings should include Islamic designs to reflect the state capital’s status as an Islamic city.

State Local Government, Culture, Arts and Tourism committee chairman Takiyuddin Hassan said developers must incorporate some Islamic elements in their plans or the proposals would be rejected.

“We will ensure development will be based on Islamic principles and features,” he told a press conference here.

He claimed the ruling was well-accepted by the majority of developers, including non-Muslim developers.

It’s one thing when the people in a failed state live according to seventh century codes of conduct, it is quite another when the West, which has shown its ability to evolve, caves in to such backward thinking. It becomes a joke for the Islamists:

For Sheikh Mahlawi, however, the ulema have no choice about seeing non-veiled women in the streets, “since that is imposed on them,” but, where they have a say — such as whether to appear on TV with an unveiled woman — they must say no. He then proceeded to brag about how a female official from the U.S. Consulate wanted to meet with him, but he made her wear the hijab first.

Why is such a man calling the shots?

If anything, Islamism has been something of a gift, albeit an atrocious and violent one. It has shown to the post-modern West the liberal/leftist classes for what they really are: cowardly in the face of what is so obviously a violent cult and spiteful towards Christianity and conservatism. The sin of hypocrisy, among other things, has been so great that one stands agape at it. Where are the masses who fawn over adults' sexually deviant lifestyles as though they were children in need of incessant coddling? There is nothing brave about admitting what you do in a bedroom or bathroom in a society that – for whatever reason- lavishes praise for those sorts of things. Have a Pride March in Tehran if you’re brave. Why don’t the woman-hating/fearing paranoics from the West and the Middle East link arms and sashay amid rainbow coloured flags? Surely liberals the world over can embrace this vision of togetherness? Or are they afraid to even think it? And do we need to hash out the Islamic world's treatment of women? Where are the feminists and their Slut Walks when Aqsa Parvez or some of the Shafia family's women needed them? Where is the impassioned defense of women who are treated worse than cattle? Multiculturalism, it seems, trumps women's rights every time.

Islamism is this generation's Red Scare. It's not an irrational fear if there is a real threat. How do you appeal to a group of perpetually angry people who are affronted by everything?

You don't.

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