Monday, May 28, 2012

The World Is Taking Crazy Pills (Pt. 4)

You know your civilisation is in trouble when the people are overfed, self-entitled and think that being called a slut is somehow empowering.

Let us define the word now so there is no confusion:

chiefly British : a slovenly woman
a : a promiscuous woman; especially : prostitute

A slovenly or unkempt woman. A prostitute. Someone who leases herself out for money. Plumbing.

This is something to aspire to? Where are the Engineer Walks or the Surgeon Walks or even the Events Planning Walks? Why aren't skills or character valued? Isn't that treating women like meat or like- well- sluts?

And isn't being a slut something to be ashamed of? Why hook yourself out? Where is the dignity in that?  Do people honestly think women who are forced into sexual slavery enjoy that line of work? Do they not care? I'm sure if you were the one being sold to a Chinese man so you wouldn't have to return to North Korea, you wouldn't think it was so great.

But that's a problem in another part of the world. The non-white, non-liberal world.

Why on earth is devaluing one's self supposed to be a mark of self-respect? In an era of sexualisation, extreme self-interest, fear of personal responsibility and retardation of every respect, this willing degradation erodes whatever belief one has about humanity (or at least a section of it) as the keystone species of the cosmos. You could aspire to be better than what you are and change the world around you or you could be empty-suit who latches onto causes without forethought. It's up to you.

Maybe one should ask these flighty broads Slut Walk participants what words they would use if they (actually had) found their beta male boyfriends messing around with someone else.



Read this article and ask yourself why Prozac is not handed out:

The Toronto demonstration against victim-blaming and in favour of a woman’s right to dress as she pleases without being accused of attracting rape celebrated its first birthday Friday to international acclaim. There are SlutWalks around the world again this year, sadly necessary but still good fun.

The Toronto march took place in extreme heat Friday from Nathan Phillips Square to Queen’s Park during rush hour. It was as exuberant as last year’s despite the fact that since then something known as “the war on women” reached full-throttle.

Last year, it was a Toronto cop’s statement at a York University law seminar that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized” that inspired two young women, Heather Jarvis and Sonia J.F. Barnett, to set up SlutWalk.

This year, you could plow through minefields of vicious remarks about women. U.S. radio host Rush Limbaugh would get his own hellish half-acre with his “slut” attack on law student Sandra Fluke for testifying in Congress on birth control rights. Birth control? It isn’t enough that women have to take care how they dress in the morning, it’s that they’re not even allowed to stack the odds against getting pregnant. How dare they?

Planned Parenthood, of all things, came under fire in the U.S. As MoveOn.Org reports, the state of Georgia considered changing the legal term for victims of rape, stalking and domestic violence to “accuser.” If you were robbed, though, you’d still be a victim.

A Toronto teenager was applauded for telling his female classmates to dress more modestly. Schoolgirls were shamed for wearing their skirts too short on the subway. (Thank you, middle-aged men, for your emails on this subject.) There’s a weird obsession with how females dress. Eerie is not too strong a word.

Astonishing, the power of words like “slut,” “bitch” and “c---”, especially when combined with “ugly,” “trashy” and “asking for it.” Words can hurt, they can help, but this past year they hurt so much.

They use that word again. I do not think it means what they think it means.

First of all, the police officer who apparently instigated these walks with his “insensitivity” warned these overfed pasty liberal robots- and rightly so- that you will attract the wrong kind of attention when you dress a certain way. It’s sad but it is a fact of life. Ask yourself why you lock your doors. There are evil people out there who enjoy hurting others. Deal with them. Don’t pout like petulant teen-agers trying to stick it to mum and dad. That his words spawned something so ridiculous as “Slut Walks” and not brazen but brief tongue-lashings is indicative of a mindset that must be offended and sport that offense. Be a part of a happening today. You’re Miss Nobody tomorrow. That is the delusional feminist paranoic way!

Where in the world are these Slut Walks? Are they in the Islamic world? Asia? They appear in Toronto, some cities in the US and the UK but there don’t seem to be any everywhere else. Only the pasty get to get to muffin-top underpants, I guess.

Former Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank (JDIB) employee Vivian Salameh said on Monday that she would take legal action against the bank for arbitrary dismissal after she refused to abide by a new policy requiring female employees to cover their hair.

"As a Christian, I am not expected to cover my hair. I refused to wear a headscarf when the bank asked me to," Salameh, who was working as an assistant manager of corporate operations for JDIB before she lost her job last week, told The Jordan Times.

Salameh said she had been working for the Industrial Development Bank, which JDIB acquired in 2010, since 1985.

In January 2011, the bank introduced a new dress code requiring female staff to wear a uniform and a white headscarf. Salameh accepted the uniform but refused to wear the head cover on the grounds that it violated her religious beliefs and because her initial contract with the bank in March 2010 did not include a dress code requiring staff to wear a head cover.

"I accepted the uniform but not the head cover because the contract I signed with the bank in 2010 did not state that I had to cover my hair. I am not against hijab. I respect the fact that they wear it in the Gulf, but we are in Jordan and our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion," she said.

She is one of the lucky ones. If she lived in Pakistan, where one is taking part in a Slut Walk if the bearded see your ankle or accuse you of improper relations, she might be stoned to death. There are no empowerment speeches or placards to dissuade that.

Yes, men sure do take an interest in how women dress. 

And who could forget the dowdy Miss Fluke's convenient distress over being called the ever-empowering yet mysteriously shaming word slut? Or does it only matter who uses the word slut? Sure it does. Dress or undress the word however one will but no one - not even the most bovine feminist studies scholar- sees sluttishness as a virtue unless there is a cause to made of it. After all, who claims being a slut isn't so bad- Rush Limbaugh or the Slut Walk crowd? Childish contradictions aside, why the furor over a word? Because words have bad meanings unless one can pull the wool over the eyes faster than one can say: "Do these lacy pants make my butt look big?".

It just boggles the mind how people can enjoy degrading themselves and fool themselves into thinking vice is virtue and idiocy is intelligence. It's like someone checked her brains at the door.

And her pants.

And perhaps her socks.


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